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Abbey's Road by Edward Abbey

Abbey’s Road

Best Seller
Abbey's Road by Edward Abbey
Jan 30, 1991 | ISBN 9780452265646
  • Paperback $17.00

    Jan 30, 1991 | ISBN 9780452265646

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“Abbey’s unique prose voice… is the voice of a full-blooded man airing his passions… alternately misanthropic and sentimental, enraged and hilarious.”—People
“The man, quite simply, is a master.”—The Bloomsbury Review
“A record as important and lovely as Muir’s or Thoreau’s.”—New York Post
“One of our foremost Western essayists and novelists. A militant conservationist, he has attracted a large following—not only within the ranks of Sierra Club enthusiasts and backpackers, but also among armchair appreciators of good writing. What always made his work doubly interesting is the sense of a true maverick spirit at large—a kind of spirit not imitable, limited only to the highest class of literary outlaws.”—The Denver Post
“Abbey is a gadfly with a stinger like a scorpion.”—Wallace Stegner
“In his own inimitable fashion, Abbey prevails among the scant handful of our best and brightest fresh-air scribes.”—Chicago Sun-Times

Table Of Contents

Introduction: Confessions of a Literary Hobo

1. The Reef
2. Anna Creek
3. The Outback
4. Back of Beyond
5. A Desert Isle
6. Sierra Madre
7. On the River Again
8. A Walk in the Park
9. Down there in the Rocks

Polemics and Sermons
10. Science with a Human Face
11. The Right to Arms
12. The Conscience of the Conqueror
13. Merry Christmas, Pigs!
14. The Winnebago Tribe

Personal History
15. My Life as a P.I.G., or the True Adventures of Smokey the Cop
16. In Defense of the Redneck
17. Death Valley Junk
18. Fire Lookout
19. The Sorrows of Travel Coda: Cape Solitude

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