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Norman Mailer: The Sixties by Norman Mailer

Norman Mailer: The Sixties

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Norman Mailer: The Sixties by Norman Mailer
Boxed Set $80.00
Mar 27, 2018

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“Mailer is missed. . . . His gifts of observation and imagination [are] splendid armor for our own time.” —David Denby, Harper’s Magazine

“The fearlessly original Mailer is . . . more vital than ever. . . . If you really want to know What Happened, this collection of 50-year-old works has more to say than anything published in the past 12 months.” –Ash Carter, Esquire 

“Mailer’s catalogue of the schizophrenic hypocrisies in American life—our warring internal dualisms—that brought us to such a pass seem still entrenched in our political psyche. One can’t help thinking that dissenting young people today, who might come upon this book as a historical curiosity or reading assignment, will be surprised to find a startlingly familiar nation at war with itself.” Robert J. Begiebing, The Mailer Review

“His biographer J. Michael Lennon and the LOA selected the contents brilliantly.”
— Buffalo News 

“Norman Mailer is best binge-read as an orgy of big ideas, long, loping sentences and assertions that only a writer of titanic ego could make. Get ready to dive in…[this] two-volume anthology should keep you busy for days.”
— Dallas News


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