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My Lovely Wife Reader’s Guide

By Samantha Downing

My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing


Readers Guide for MY LOVELY WIFE
Questions for Discussion

1. What is your first impression of the narrator and of Millicent?

2. How would you describe their marriage? Do you relate to it at all?

3. What is your first impression of their children, Rory and Jenna?

4. What was the first surprise in the story? Did it change your feelings about Millicent and/or her husband?

5. Who, if anyone, did you root for in the book? Did that change at any point?

6. What scenes did you most relate to, if any? Are there any conversations you have had with your own spouse?

7. The media has a large role in the story. How does it compare to your own life? What role does the media play, if any?

8. Are Andy and Trista real friends? If not, how would you categorize them?

9. What are your thoughts about Kekona? What role does she play in the narrator’s life?

10. Do you consider the narrator unreliable? Why or why not?

11. Were you satisfied by the ending? Did it change anything for you?
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