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Attracting Perfect Customers

Best Seller
Attracting Perfect Customers by Stacey Hall and Jan Brogniez
Paperback $24.95
Oct 15, 2001 | ISBN 9781576751244

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  • Oct 15, 2001 | ISBN 9781576751244

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“For over twenty years, I have been trying to attract the perfect friends and clients and I thought I was doing a pretty fair job until I read this book. I thought that I had to work my fingers to the bone to get enough contacts to weed through to find perfection. This book focuses the perspective for you and makes it seem effortless!”
—MAUREEN SANDERS Vice President and Office Manager Sterling Bank—Upper Kirby

“Finally the truth about how to attract the best customers (and keep them). Attracting Perfect Customers is a must- read for anyone exhausted or frustrated by the competitive, war-like race for customers and business success. You can relax a bit, breathe a sigh of relief, and exceed your goals with advice like this!”
—SHARON JORDAN-EVANS coauthor of Love ’Em or Lose ’Em: Getting Good People to Stay and President, The Jordan Evans Group

“After being introduced to the Strategic Synchronicity process I have a clearer vision of the contribution I am to make in creating value for the customers, employees, and other stakeholders of Shell Services International. My Strategic Attraction Plans truly guide the most perfect people and events to me easily and effortlessly.”
—PATTY WALTERS Senior Consultant, Management Consulting, Shell Services International, a part of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of companies

“A must-read if you’ve ever dreamed of having a ‘perfect’ client walk through the door! With clarity and precision, Hall and Brogniez teach us how to magnetize ‘perfect’ customers and rediscover a passion for our work.”
—KATE LUDEMAN, PH.D. President, Worth Ethic Corporation, and coauthor of The Corporate Mystic

“Attracting Perfect Customers provides thorough, practical, and innovative approaches to marketing, goal-setting, partnership development, and personal growth. I look forward to attracting ‘perfect readers’ for this ‘perfect book.’”
—RIKKI FRANKLIN Community Relations Market Trainer Barnes & Noble, Houston

“Attracting Perfect Customers is a step-by-step approach to increasing your happiness, as well as your profitability and success in business. It encourages readers to focus attention on the positive aspects of their businesses, their customers, and their employees rather than dwelling on the negatives. A very provocative concept.”
—GERRY MYERS President of the Myers Group and Advisory Link and author of Targeting the New Professional Woman

“It’s about time that someone wrote a practical book on how to apply universal principles to marketing. This book is filled with powerful tools that will help to create a whole new reality in your business!”
—JUDI NEAL, PH.D. Director, Association for Spirit at Work, and author of The Four Gateways to Spirit at Work

“You can light a fire on top of your place of business and people will notice you. Or you can light a fire in your heart and people will come to you. This book shows you how to do the latter. Call it magnetic marketing, attraction marketing, or just easy marketing. It’s pure wisdom and this book lights the way to it.”
—JOE VITALE, author of Spiritual Marketing and The Seven Lost Secrets of Success and author of the best-selling audiotape package The Power of Outrageous Marketing

“A soulful approach to marketing yourself, your company, and what you love to do best. Essential reading for those who want to bring their spirituality to work.”
—RICHARD BARRETT business consultant and author of Liberating the Corporate Soul: Building a Visionary Organization

“Hall and Brogniez blend market analysis, intuition, visioning, planning, and plain old-fashioned persistence to create a practical, workable business strategy. Give their method a try and before you know it, you’ll find yourself and your business transforming beyond belief!”
—C. LESLIE CHARLES professional speaker and author of Why Is Everyone So Cranky? and The Customer Service Companion

“Wonderful book. Well thought through. Read it!”
—MICHAEL GERBER, author of the world-renowned E-Myth books and Chairman and CEO, E-Myth Worldwide

“I like the simplicity of the strategic model in Attracting Perfect Customers. The exercises brought forth insights and connections that helped me as I made changes in the work I do. I recommend this book.”
—TOM HEUERMAN, PH.D., writer/consultant

“This is an extremely significant book. It has altered my life. Imagine working only with clients you like and who like you. You can. How? Simple. Read this book and do what it says.”
President, Livelihood, and coauthor of
—MARTIN RUTTE, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work

“After ten years as a sales trainer, I couldn’t agree more with the authors’ guidelines on Strategic Synchronicity. They actually show us how to refocus our train of thought from ‘how to find more customers’ to ‘attracting the perfect customer to us.’ Their techniques prove that not only will we increase sales, but we will be able to service, retain, and provide an enjoyable sales environment for everyone.”
—JERRY HOCUTT President and Speaker for Hocutt & Associates, Inc., Home of the “Cold Calling For Cowards” Seminars and FootInTheDoor.Com

“The authors state that ‘it is possible to attract only customers who value your service, pay you what you are worth, and send referrals to your business or Web site on a regular basis.’ If you would like this for your business, this book is for you.”
—JUSTINE WILLIS TOMS, cofounder of New Dimensions Radio and coauthor of True Work: Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do

“Having been in business for over thirty years, I was surprised to learn of an approach to better marketing that I’d not heard before. I am clearly convinced that, by adopting the Strategic Synchronicity philosophy, all companies can improve their effectiveness and, more importantly, the bottom line. I am still amazed at the pure simplicity of the approach; but then aren’t the best ideas always the simplest?”
—ROBERT W. FENN, PH.D., Regional Director, Northeast Ohio Procurement Technical Assistance Center, Lake County Economic Development Center, Lake Erie College

Table Of Contents

Creating Synchronicity with Perfect Customers and Clients

Part I. The Six Standards of Strategic Synchronicity
1. Be on Purpose with Your Mission
2. You Have the Power to Attract Whatever You Desire
3. Like Attracts Like: Whom Do You Like?
4. Choose Collaboration, Not Competition
5. Your Customers and Employees Want You to Succeed
6. Create an Atmosphere of Accomplishment

Part II. The Strategic Attraction Planning Process
7. What Is Your Vision of Your Most Perfect Customers?
8. What Makes Your Perfect Customers Tick?
9. What Do Your Perfect Customers Expect You to Deliver?
10. Where Do You Have Room for Improvement?
11. Multiplicity: When One Plan Is Not Enough

Part III. Strategic Attraction in Action: Twenty-One Daily Tips
Tip 1. You Are More Attractive When You Focus on the Horizon
Tip 2. You Are More Attractive When You Let Your Perfect Customers Know They Are Perfect
Tip 3. You Are More Attractive When You Understand That Customers Are Seeking You
Tip 4. You Are More Attractive When You Make Irresistible Improvements
Tip 5. You Are More Attractive When You Listen to Your Little Inner Voice
Tip 6. You Are More Attractive When You Expect Breakthroughs to Look Like Breakdowns
Tip 7. You Are More Attractive When You Shift the Situation
Tip 8. You Are More Attractive When You Acknowledge Accomplishments and Declare Completions
Tip 9. You Are More Attractive When You Share, Share, Share Yourself
Tip 10. You Are More Attractive When You Accept That You Don't Know
Tip 11. You Are More Attractive When You Are in the Flow
Tip 12. You Are More Attractive When You Welcome Interruptions
Tip 13. You Are More Attractive When You Actively Attract Abundance
Tip 14. You Are More Attractive When You Delight in the Success of Others
Tip 15. You Are More Attractive When You Take Immediate Action
Tip 16. You Are More Attractive When You Establish Your Expertise
Tip 17. You Are More Attractive When You Clear a Space in Which to Create
Tip 18. You Are More Attractive When You Have a Field Day
Tip 19. You Are More Attractive When You Break Bread with a Competitor
Tip 20. You Are More Attractive When You Gain Clarity About Yourself
Tip 21. You Are More Attractive When You Watch for Previews of Coming Attractions
BONUS TIP 1 “Ask-Offer-Thank” by Donna Fisher
BONUS TIP 2 Project Your Light Further by Doug Upchurch
Synchronicity Leaders
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