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Readers Guide
Meg & Jo by Virginia Kantra

Questions for Discussion

1. Meg & Jo is inspired by Louisa May Alcott’s classic story. What versions (book or movie) of Little Women are you familiar with? In what ways did Meg & Jo confirm your impressions of the characters? How did they surprise you?

2. The March sisters often repeat their mother, Abby’s, sayings (“If you can’t say something nice . . . “; “Whatever happens, we have each other.”) What sayings did you hear as a child? Do you ever find yourself repeating them? How did they direct your life?

3. Which of the sisters could you most identify with, and why?

4. Meg and John both show love by actions, not words. How does this work for and against them? Does it change? What would you say your style of showing love is?

5. Jo feels especially close to her father. Do you think her desire for his approval affected her other relationships? How did her perception of him change throughout the book? What did you think of Ashton as a man, husband, and father? Did you agree or disagree with Abby’s decision at the end of the book?

6. When the original Little Women was published, many readers were disappointed that Jo chose older Professor Eric Bhaer over her childhood friend, Laurie. How do you feel about her choice between Eric and Trey? Which sister do you think is a good match for Trey, and why?

7. Meg tells Jo that she’s unfair to Amy. Can you remember examples from the book that make you think this is true or not true? How would you describe Jo and Amy’s relationship? Does it remind you of sisters you know?

8. Major scenes in Meg & Jo involve food. What does cooking in the book mean to different characters? What does it mean to you? Do you have family or holiday traditions involving food?

9. The March girls find themselves reverting to their childhood roles when they are together. How does that compare with your own experience? What is your family role? Has it changed over time?
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