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The Kindred Spirits Supper Club Reader’s Guide

By Amy E. Reichert

The Kindred Spirits Supper Club by Amy E. Reichert


Readers guide for
Questions for Discussion

1.   The women in Sabrina’s family can see ghosts and have used their gift to help the recently deceased with their unfinished business. It has become a family vocation that everyone gets involved in. Have you and your relatives ever adopted a family cause? If not, what might be something that would interest you?

2.   Sabrina suffers from an anxiety disorder. Approximately 18 percent of the population suffers from anxiety, be it caused by genetics, brain chemistry, or life events, yet this isn’t often discussed openly. In what scenes did you feel particularly empathetic toward Sabrina due to her anxiety?

3.   Sabrina chose to study journalism. Do you think that was the right career choice for her? Why do you think she felt drawn toward journalism?

4.   Food and drink play an important part in The Kindred Spirits Supper Club, helping to capture the local culture. Have you traveled to any places where the food and drink was an equally important part of the location? What specific mentions of food or drink in this story stood out to you?

5.   Sabrina’s experience with Bobby in the parking lot of the Goodbye Gala was a pivotal moment in her life that changed her perspective forever. Have you experienced any life-changing moments that changed things, for better or for worse? How did they change your perspective?

6.   In what ways did you notice Sabrina and Ray changing throughout the story? How did your opinion of them change?

7.   Was there a character you related to the most, and what was it about them that you connected with?

8.   The title of the book uses the phrase “kindred spirits.” What does this phrase mean to you? Do you have any kindred spirits in your life?

9.   By the end of the book, Sabrina is no longer bothered by Erika and her bullying. What changed? What did you think about Sabrina’s attitude toward Erika at the close of the book? How would you have handled things in Sabrina’s place?

10. What did you think about Molly and Belle and their unfinished business? They have chosen very different ways of handling their purgatory. Did you have any favorite moments from Molly’s story line?

11.  At one point in the book, Sabrina refers to her kindness as selfish. Why would she say that? Do you agree or disagree? And do you think instances of kindness can be very impactful in someone’s life?
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