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The Love Con Reader’s Guide

By Seressia Glass

The Love Con by Seressia Glass


Reader’s Guide
The Love Con by Seressia Glass
Discussion Questions:

1. Kenya has to select a partner to compete with in the finals forCosplay or No Way. Who would you select to compete with you in achallenge like this?

2. Kenya’s parents are upset that she is pursuing a career in a creativefield instead of in engineering, where she received her degree.Do you think the world sees careers in STEM fields to be inherentlymore important than creative fields? Why?

3. In order to follow her dreams, Kenya has to go against herparents’ wishes. Do you agree with her decision? Was there anotherway for her to handle the situation?

4. Cam and Kenya are friends long before they start a romanticrelationship. How did their friendship impact their romantic relationship?

5. For their famous duos costume, Kenya decides that she andCam will cosplay Iron Man and Thanos. If you were a contestanton Cosplay or No Way, what famous pop culture duo would you wantto cosplay?

6. Kenya struggles with the pressure to represent multiple communitieson the show. Is it fair for her to put that pressure onherself?

7. Between Cam’s gummy worms and Kenya’s stress cooking, ourhero and heroine use food to de‑stress.What are some of your comfortfoods?

8. What are some ways Kenya must work against the stereotypeof the “Angry Black Woman” and the microaggressions from peoplelike Rebecca? Do you also feel like you have to change yourbehavior to avoid stereotypes?

9. Both Cam’s ex and Kenya’s parents tell her she leans on Camtoo much. Do you agree? How does she work to make their relationshipmore equitable?

10. If you were to look five years into the future after the end ofthe book, what do you see Kenya and Cam doing? What kind ofprojects would they be working on?
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