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No Funny Business Reader’s Guide

By Amanda Aksel

No Funny Business by Amanda Aksel


Reader’s Guide
No Funny Business by Amanda Aksel
Discussion Questions:

1.   Olivia has no issue disrupting her life in pursuit of her dream of performing stand-up. Do you think she’s irresponsibly impulsive or admirably decisive, and why?

2.   What was the most memorable scene, and why?

3.   Have you visited any of the cities on Nick and Olivia’s tour? If so, how were their experiences similar to or different from yours? If not, which city would you most like to visit, and why?

4.   Olivia wishes she could have one last conversation with her dad and ask questions that have been weighing on her heart. Who in your life, past or present, do you wish you could have an important conversation with, and what would you ask?

5.   According to Olivia, Whataburger is the best burger restaurant. Who do you think makes the best hamburgers?

6.   What surprised you the most about Olivia’s story?

7.   Nick was all about classic rock tunes on the tour. Which songs mentioned in the book would you add to your road trip playlist? Or which songs in general would you blast with the windows down?

8.   The comedy road tour forced Olivia down memory lane. While reading the book, were you inspired to recall any sweet or bitter memories from your past? If so, which ones?
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