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Better than Fiction Reader’s Guide

By Alexa Martin

Better than Fiction by Alexa Martin


Reader’s Guide
Better Than Fiction by Alexa Martin
Discussion Questions:

1. Better than Fiction opens with the Dirty Birds inserting themselves into Drew’s life. Who are the well-intentioned people involved in your life?

2. Drew is a bookstore owner who dislikes books. What is something ironic in your life that might give others pause?

3. If you turned a book into date inspiration, what book would you choose and where would you go?

4. The Book Nook plays a huge part in this story. What is your favorite bookstore? Why do you love it?

5. Drew says she feels completely seen in her relationship with Jasper. What do you think that means? What are things someone can do to ensure their partner feels this way?

6. Drew hates books; Jasper writes them. Do you believe that opposites attract? Why or why not?

7. Although Drew is falling in love, she is still grieving the loss of her grandmother. How does this dichotomy affect her as she attempts to
move forward with her life?

8. When Drew is fighting for Jasper, Daisy tells her, “It doesn’t matter what you do. It’s not the scale that makes the gesture grand; it’s the motive and the meaning behind it that make it special.” Do you agree with Daisy? Why or why not?

9. Near the end of the story, Drew feels betrayed by those around her. Have you ever unintentionally hurt someone by trying to protect them?

10. You can invite one author (dead or alive) for coffee. Who are you inviting?
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