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The No-Show Reader’s Guide

By Beth O’Leary

The No-Show by Beth O'Leary


Reader’s Guide
The No-Show by Beth O’Leary
Discussion Questions:

1.   The three women at the heart of this book all have quite different personalities. Who did you relate to the most—Jane, Siobhan or Miranda?

2.   When Jane first comes to Winchester, she is completely overwhelmed, and she creates some systems to help her manage her new life. Do you think these routines of hers are a positive step, or was this a mistake?

3.   Siobhan is also hurt by a previous relationship, but her trauma manifests quite differently. How is she changed by the experiences she had with Cillian?

4.   At various points, Miranda struggles with her feelings for both Carter and AJ. Did you feel she was better suited to one than the other? What would you have done in her place—would you have stuck by Carter if you had all the information she had?

5.   New Year’s Eve is a pivotal moment in the novel. Were you surprised by the revelations that came out at the party? What had you expected to happen?

6.   Several of the characters in The No-Show struggle with their mental health. How do their friends, family and support networks help them? What more could be done for people in their shoes?

7.   What was your perception of Joseph Carter? Did your view of him change as the novel progressed?

8.   Siobhan’s friend Kit says, “I’m sure people didn’t use to get ghosted in Victorian times, did they?” How has being ghosted and stood up changed with the advent of mobile phones and dating apps? Do you think it happens more often now, or does it just happen in a different way?

9.   Each of the women brings out a slightly different side to Joseph Carter. Do you think you’re consistent no matter who you’re hanging out with, or are you a little different when you’re with different people?

10. What did you think of Richard? How did his character make you feel? To what extent would you say he was responsible for what happened to Siobhan?
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