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A Jenny T. Partridge Dance Mys Series

Natalie M. Roberts
Tutu Deadly by Natalie M. Roberts
Tapped Out by Natalie M. Roberts
Pointe and Shoot by Natalie M. Roberts

A Jenny T. Partridge Dance Mys Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
The buzz of competition is in the air and Jenny T. Partridge is training her budding prima—and not so prima—ballerinas for the big dance championship. She knows these contests can get ugly, but this year it seems someone is really out for blood.
Pliés and arabesques don’t pay the bills, so Jenny’s looking to expand her studio to include a new dance shop. She knows that her moms will spare no expense for pink satin slippers and fluffy tutus, but start-up costs are really adding up. Jenny hopes her girls will win the Ultimate Dancer Championship and pirouette their way to the tune of the $2,500 prize.
Unfortunately, a very hairy situation just might stand in her way. After a big singing gorilla stops by the studio to deliver Jenny a threatening message, he ends up dead in her father’s truck.  Dodging bullets, Jenny realizes that maybe even dreamy Detective Tate Wilson can’t save her from this one. She’ll have to do some fancy footwork, and fast.
Book 2
Last time we saw Jenny T. Partridge, founder of Utah’s premier school for budding prima—and not-so-prima—ballerinas, she was on the wrong end of a murder investigation. Who could imagine that once again her dance card would be filled with dastardly doings?
Blondes don’t have more fun. Just ask Jenny, who now has to find enough money to fix the bad dye job a pushy dance mom inflicted on her. Luckily, an old flame calls her and offers her a few thousand dollars to fill in as an instructor on the Hollywood StarMakers Tour, his traveling dance competition.
But before Jenny can even get started, someone makes it clear that they want her to shuffle off to Buffalo. When other instructors start disappearing, Jenny, with the very attractive Detective Tate spotting her, vows that the show will go on.
Book 1
Meet Jenny T. Partridge (and please, don’t even start with the pear tree jokes), founder of Ogden, Utah’s premier school for budding prima—and not-so-prima—ballerinas. For Jenny, dealing with difficult stage mothers is business as usual . . . until murder cuts in.
The Jenny T. Partridge Dance Academy barely keeps its fearless leader in bologna sandwiches and Häagen Dazs, but it’s passion that motivates Jenny . . . until tragedy trips her up. Sandra Epstein, obnoxious mother of Jenny’s most talented student, has met her maker—courtesy of poisoned cookie dough purchased through the Academy’s fundraiser.
Even scarier than pushy moms and tights-wetting tots is being on the wrong end of a murder investigation, as Jenny learns when two über-hot investigators—not to mention a pair of besotted missionaries and Aunt Vi, Gossip Queen of Utah—start keeping a very close eye on her.
Now, as the Academy’s much-anticipated production of The Nutcracker draws near, Jenny’s dancing as fast as she can to clear her name.

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