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A Micah Dalton Thriller Series

David Stone
The Orpheus Deception by David Stone
The Skorpion Directive by David Stone

A Micah Dalton Thriller Series : Titles in Order

Book 4
In Vienna for a secret meeting, CIA cleaner Micah Dalton notices he is being followed. When he turns the tables and captures one of his watchers-mysterious operative Veronika Miklas-he is targetd by not only his enemies but his allies. He has inadvertently uncovered a secret that could shatter America’s strategic global alliances. And Dalton will have to push himself to the very edge in a desperate attempt to save his honor and his life.
Book 2
In his New York Times bestselling debut, The Echelon Vendetta, David Stone introduced covert operative Micah Dalton. Once, it was his job to take care of other agents’ mistakes. Coldly, cleanly—and permanently.
Now, Micah is on the outs with his former employers, staying off the radar and hopefully out of firing range. When an attempt is made on his life in the rainy streets of Venice, he knows his best chance of survival is under the shadowy wings of the CIA. To prove his worth, he accepts their mission: an agent and old associate of Micah’s has been taken in the China Sea, the only survivor of a brutal pirate attack. He’s to find the man and find him fast.
But Micah’s mission is not about a man. It’s about an elusive ship known only as The Mingo Dubai that is already under way, heading toward the West. And its cargo is death.

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