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Patrick McLanahan Series

Dale Brown
Flight of the Old Dog by Dale Brown
Day of the Cheetah by Dale Brown
Shadows of Steel by Dale Brown

Patrick McLanahan Series : Titles in Order

Book 5
In an electrifying novel ripped from today’s headlines, Dale Brown takes to the skies to deliver a covert battle in the Middle East—a battle that America can’t afford to lose. The new gulf war is erupting…And this one will be far bloodier than the first. A newly powerful Iran is flexing its military muscle in the Middle East. The Iranians have declared the Persian Gulf their territorial waters—and an American ship has just been sunk to prove the point.With a military racked by budget cuts and a public reluctant to fight, the president must end the crisis before it escalates. The solution: project Future Flight, a surgical stealth campaign to silence Iran’s modern weapons. The personnel: Colonel Patrick McLanahan and the surviving crew of the Old Dog. The stakes: success—or full-scale war…
Book 4
In this explosive New York Times bestseller, Dale Brown creates a shattering scenario of the ultimate race for technology…

America’s most advanced fighter plane, DreamStar, has been hijacked. To retrieve it, Lt. Col. Patrick McLanahan takes on his most perilous assignment since The Flight of the Old Dog.
The odds are against him. His aircraft, the Cheetah, hasn’t the speed, the power, or the technology of the DreamStar—his skills behind the stick are the only advantage he’s got. And so begins the greatest high-flying chase of all time…
Book 1
Flight of the Old Dog is the runaway bestseller that launched the phenomenal career of Dale Brown. It is the riveting story of America’s military superiority being surpassed as our greatest enemy masters space-to-Earth weapons technology—neutralizing the U.S. arsenal of nuclear missiles.America’s only hope: The Old Dog Zero One, a battle-scarred bomber fully renovated with modern hardware—and equipped with the deadliest state-of-the-art armaments known to man…

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