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The Lady Series

Jeane Westin
Lady Anne's Dangerous Man by Jeane Westin
Lady Katherne's Wild Ride by Jeane Westin
Lady Merry's Dashing Champion by Jeane Westin

The Lady Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
In Restoration England, smart and determined Meriel St. Thomas, orphaned ward and lowly servant, is thrust into a game of international intrigue and the adventure of a lifetime.
It seems Meriel—called Merry—looks exactly like the wife of Lord Giles, Earl of Warborough, whose legendary heroism has long sent a thrill down Merry’s spine. Giles’s cold, unfaithful wife is known to be a spy for the Dutch. Coerced by the king’s spymaster, Merry takes the traitor’s place as a double-agent—with the aim of delivering false intelligence to the waiting Dutch.
But Merry’s dangerous mission only fans the flames of her smoldering desire for Giles—even as Giles is overtaken by passion for a “wife” who’s suddenly become all he ever wanted.
Book 2
In Restoration England, when a lady’s luck depends on the chivalry of her master, a ravishing young noblewoman escapes to the stage and embraces a life of danger and desire alongside the most charismatic of players.
For years, Lady Katherne Lindsay’s uncle has denied her noble heritage and treated her like a servant. But the night she foils his lecherous plan to steal her virtue, she becomes a suspected murderess with a bounty on her head. To avoid hanging from the king’s gallows, she is forced to take shelter with a dashing actor and play along as his leading lady, despite the constant threat of capture.

Jeremy Hughes is notorious for his performances upon the stage and in the bedchamber. Any wise woman would keep her distance from such an irresistible rogue. But as Lady Katherne blooms into both an accomplished actress and a confident woman, she can’t help giving her whole heart to Jeremy, longing to win him for a lifetime of daring love and passionate adventure.
Book 1
In Restoration England, when the battle of the sexes was especially humorous and high-spirited, a beautiful young aristocrat embarks on a swashbuckling adventure with a dashing highwayman.
Lady Anne Gascoigne is eager to take her wedding vows, until she discovers her devious fiancé has conspired to let King Charles II steal her virtue.  Now, to save her honor and her life, she must flee under the protection of a notorious but charming rake who has just escaped hanging—and proceeds to win her heart.
The illegitimate son of a powerful man, John Gilbert lives by his wits and his sword, leading a merry band that robs the rich and corrupt, then escapes to their forest hideaway.  As proper Lady Anne blossoms under John’s command, opening up to the freedom and sensuality he offers, she poses a new set of challenges for him—to stay alive long enough to ensure her protection, earn an equal place by her side, and convince her of his undying love.

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