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Adventures of Mouse Series

Judy Cox and Jeffrey Ebbeler
One Is a Feast for Mouse by by Judy Cox; illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler
Cinco De Mouse-O! by by Judy Cox; illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler
Snow Day for Mouse by by Judy Cox; illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler

Adventures of Mouse Series : Titles in Order

Book 4
Snow! Cookies! Candy! Mouse loves snow days. When he’s accidentally swept out the door and into the snow, Mouse has a blast ice-skating, sledding, and building snow animals—always just one step ahead of sly Cat. But above Mouse on a wire sit three cold birds who warn Mouse of Cat’s approach. Now it is Mouse’s turn to do something nice for his new friends.
Book 2
Yum! Yum! A delicious smell wakes up Mouse on the fifth of May!

He follows his nose down the street to a Cinco de Mayo festival. High up in a tree he spies a piñata magnifica. If only Mouse could get just one piece of candy from it. But look out! Cat is on the prowl. He is planning a fiesta of his own, and Mouse is on the menu.

Sprinkled with a few words in Spanish, this Cinco de Mayo adventure is a great read-alound for pre-school and kindergartners interested in other cultures or in sharing their own. The art is appealing and kid-friendly and filled with energy.
Book 1
One tiny, happy mouse’s simple Thanksgiving dinner gets bigger and bigger. . . and bigger! Uh oh!

This perfect Thanksgiving read-aloud gently reminds us to give thanks for the little things in life– and not to let our celebrations get too out of hand!

After a family finishes Thanksgiving dinner, Mouse peeps out of his hidey-hole and spots a small green pea. It’s the perfect feast for one mouse. But maybe he could add just one red cranberry, and then one shiny black olive, and then just one scoop of mashed potatoes? Soon his single pea has turned into a tall, wobbling feast. But how will Mouse ever get everything back home without spilling?

With a building, rhythmic text and mouth-watering illustrations, One is a Feast for Mouse is a cheery holiday read where one more tiny thing might topple the whole adventure.

For a smaller serving of this delicious tale, try the board book edition Mouse’s Thanksgiving– just right for the youngest readers.  Perfect for fall story times, or to share as a gift with loved ones and family both near and far.

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