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Good Dogs Series

Found in Children’s Middle Grade Books
Good Dogs in Bad Sweaters by Rachel Wenitsky,David Sidorov
Coming soon (06-14-22)

Good Dogs in Bad Sweaters

Book 3
Paperback $7.99

Good Dogs Series : Titles in Order

Book 4
The dogs take on movie stardom in this fourth book in the middle-grade series that feels like The Secret Life of Pets meets Toy Story.

Quiet on set! The Good Dogs have arrived!

When the Good Dogs doggy daycare closes temporarily, the dogs join the other pets on Jasmine’s new movie set. And while trying to explore the new place and sniff out the best snacks, Hugo somehow snags a movie role instead of Lulu!
Can Lulu get over her disappointment? Will King do a good job watching out for Waffles while Hugo is working? And can the dogs escape whatever the mysterious pen of guinea pigs is planning behind their backs?
These Good Dogs are lucky they can count on each other wherever they go!
Book 3
Holiday mischief abounds in this third book in the  series that feels like The Secret Life of Pets meets Toy Story—now in paperback!

Are the Good Dogs up for a holiday-sized mission?
The holidays are coming! All of the doggy day care friends can’t wait for eight nights of Hanukkah prezzies and cozy Christmases at home. But then Hugo learns that Waffles, his new puppy sister, is expecting someone called Santadoodle to bring them all presents on Christmas morning. Hugo has never even heard of Santadoodle!
Of course, Hugo doesn’t want Waffles to be disappointed, so there’s only one thing to do—rally his friends for their biggest mission yet!
Luckily, these Good Dogs are always up for an adventure!
Book 2
The Secret Life of Pets meets Toy Story in this new illustrated series about doggy day care buddies who follow some of their wilder instincts. 

There’s nothing a Good Dog can’t handle!
Lulu, King, and Hugo are thrilled when the day starts with a wonderful surprise: Their favorite human from Good Dogs doggy day care is getting married, and there’s going to be a big party!

Before the celebration, though, the Good Dogs face some unwelcome surprises. Besides a few truly terrible haircuts (Lulu might never pose for a picture again!) and puppy training that is not going well, the stressed-out humans are making mistakes that threaten to ruin the wedding. It’s up to the Good Dogs to make some daring escapes and bold moves to save the day.

Luckily, these Good Dogs know being good friends is worth some risks. Wait till you hear all about them from Lulu, King, and Hugo!
Book 1
The Secret Life of Pets meets Toy Story in a new illustrated series about a group of Very Good doggie day care buddies who follow a few of their wilder instincts, leading to hilarious chaos.

Do good dogs have to be good all the time?
Hugo, Lulu, and King love going to doggy day care together. The super-friendly dogs there are very good listeners, and they always follow the rules, even at the park.

But then a new dog comes to town. Napoleon jumps on people, dives into fountains, and will do anything (really!) to get human food. The Good Dogs are shocked to see such canine chaos, but they also notice something else: Napoleon seems to be having a ton of fun.

That gets them thinking: Could being a little bit bad be a good idea?

Find out directly from Hugo, Lulu, and King as they tell you all about it!

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