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Lew Fonesca Series

Stuart M. Kaminsky
Vengeance by Stuart M. Kaminsky
Retribution by Stuart M. Kaminsky
Midnight Pass by Stuart M. Kaminsky

Lew Fonesca Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Lew Fonesca is a Sarasota part-time process server still mourning his dead wife and trying to get through life without any complications. But his life is full of them. His shrink wants him to dump his grief so he can have more of a life; a pretty social worker who has helped him in the past wants to “deepen” their friendship; and his big heart prevents him from saying no to people who need his help. A distraught father comes to Lew to track down his wife and two kids, whom Lew suspects ran off with the man’s best friend. When people start showing up dead, Lew knows he’s in way over his head – and this time he may not be able to make it come out okay.
Book 2
Stuart M. Kaminsky, the veteran author of more than forty novels and the creator of such wonderful characters as Abe Lieberman, Toby Peters, and Inpsector Rostnikov, has created a new PI: Lew Fonesca, a world-weary guy who got in a car and just started driving after his wife died and wound up in front of a Dairy Queen in Sarasota, Florida.

He now makes his way amid bail jumpers and lost wives, people who want to be found and those who will do anything to stay under their rock. He spends his days solving cases both big and small and trying to get by, while attempting to figure out how to make the rest of his life make sense.

Retribution not only picks up where the first novel in the series, Vengeance, left off, but raises the bar big-time. Lew has solved his share of cases, and most of them-to his pride-have wound up having happy endings; in Vengeance, he saved a young runaway who has had a childhood nobody should ever have, and she finally seems to be turning her life around. But when she becomes involved with a reclusive best-selling author and several valuable manuscripts disappear, Lew knows that young Melanie is in way over her head. And if he doesn’t act fast, not only could a few reputations get tarnished–the bodies might start piling up.
Book 1
After the death of his wife, a grieving Lew Fonesca drives from Chicago until his car gives out in the parking lot of a Sarasota, Florida, Dairy Queen. Trying to avoid his emotions and rebuild his life, he takes up work as a freelance process server. One of the attorneys he works for gives him his first case: A local entrepreneur’s trophy wife has gone missing, and Fonesca must locate her. At the same time, a mother comes to him for help locating her runaway underage daughter, whom she fears has been sold into vice. Both cases are more complex than they seem, and Fonesca is kept in plenty of danger. Nonetheless, with a colorful bunch of secondary characters to help him, he’ll solve both of them.

“Staked with vivid characters and plenty of local color.”—New York Times

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