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Devils’ Line Series

Ryo Hanada
Devils' Line 7 by Ryo Hanada
Devils' Line 9 by Ryo Hanada

Devils’ Line Series : Titles in Order

Book 9
Anzai, thanks to his reawakened memories from his childhood, is called in to the MPD to give a statement on Kikuhara. After the dissolution of F Squad, Jill struggles with a sense of being unmoored. Lee has gained a reputation as a bit of a devil-hero, but shadowy figures from his past start to catch up to him. And deep in the forest somewhere in Gunma Prefecture, Makimura opens his eyes…
Book 7
Ishimaru, still shrouded in suspicion, leads F Squad on a raid of the CCC’s hideout to get ahold of the list of members, but the CCC turns out to be several steps ahead in this cat-and-mouse game. When Anzai gets caught in the crossfire, Tsukasa has to make a life-or-death decision…

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