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Ninja Slayer Series

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Ninja Slayer, Part 1 by Bradley Bond
Ninja Slayer, Part 4 by Bradley Bond
Ninja Slayer, Part 7: Menace of Darkninja by Bradley Bond

Ninja Slayer Series : Titles in Order

Book 7
Darkninja vs Ninja Slayer

After vanquishing an extraordinary ninja in the Kyoto Badlands, readers are flashed back to the conclusion of the Dragon Gensodo Arc. With an antidote procured, Ninja Slayer now must overcome an even more powerful force looking to destroy him and his Dragon Dojo.
Book 4
A rogue ninja fights criminals and other ninjas to maintain order in this lawless region of Japan. The fourth volume of Ninja Slayer covers the five-chapter-long story “Atrocity in Neo-Saitama.”

By day, the bustling Tokyo suburb of Neo-Saitama is a relatively sleepy community, home to hundreds of thousands of Tokyo’s laborers and white-collar staffers. But by night, before all those people return to their homes, Neo-Saitama turns into a world of neon and vice, a megalopolis of debauchery, the home of a syndicate of many murderous, power-wielding ninjas whose names strike fear across Japan.
Book 3
A rogue ninja fights criminals and other ninjas to maintain order in this lawless region of Japan.

The third volume of Ninja Slayer features two stories: Last Girl Standing and New Messenger. Last Girl Standing, one of the longer Ninja Slayer tales, details the friendship of two high school girls in the violent world of Neo-Saitama. Yamato Koki has to accept the ninja within her and take on all warriors before her, leading her toward a series of battles against yakuza clones, ninja video gamers, ninja hip-hoppers . . . and ultimately a ramen-eating Ninja Slayer!
Book 2
When the family of businessman Kenji Fujikido is murdered, he becomes possessed by the powerful Naraku Ninja, a superhuman being with his own scores to settle. The consolidation of their two spirits summons an even more powerful entity–Ninja Slayer. This thrilling adventure is set in the quiet suburb of Neo-Saitama, a city that after nightfall turns into a lawless hub of vice and violence. Inspired by the Ninja Slayer novels from the ’90s, this second volume of Ninja Slayer features two stories: Killzone Sumotori and Last Girl Standing.
Book 1
The Neo Saitama of the future is a sprawling urban landscape constantly flooded by neon light. And in its shadows lurks a vast criminal world with all sorts of shady characters. Among them are the deadliest force known to humanity… NINJAS!

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