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Roland Wright Series

Gregory Rogers and Tony Davis
Roland Wright: Future Knight by Tony Davis; illustrated by Gregory Rogers
Roland  Wright: Brand-New Page by Tony Davis
Roland Wright: At the Joust by Tony Davis; illustrated by Gregory Rogers

Roland Wright Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Roland Wright has been a page at Twofold Castle for just a month and already he has impressed the King’s bravest knights. Now Roland is off to his first tournament, where knights from near and far take part in a full day of jousting. He’s only meant to be watching. But when the fearsome Little Douglas, a young page from another castle, throws down a challenge, things get serious. All too quickly, Roland is thrust into the action. It’s all he can do to just stay on his feet. . . .
Book 2
It’s really happened—Roland Wright is joining the royal household at Twofold Castle as a brand-new page! This is his big chance to impress the King and his knights.
But Roland meets with a few difficulties:
1)      The Queen hates mice, so it looks as if Nudge, Roland’s pet mouse, can’t stay.
2)      There’s an older page who makes sure poor boys like Roland get sent home in
3)      A huge, tusked animal is on the loose. . . .
If things don’t improve, Roland’s dream of being a knight could be over in a day.
Book 1
A laugh-out-loud chapter book series filled with knightly adventures!

Roland Wright wants to be a knight in armor. The problem: Roland’s dad is a blacksmith, and only boys from noble families can even dream of becoming knights. When mysterious visitors arrive in the village one day, everything changes. Roland finds himself in the contest of a lifetime, with a real chance to become a page, the first step on the road to knighthood. But how can skinny, clumsy Roland beat an opponent who is bigger, stronger, and older—and who doesn’t play by the rules?
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