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Sir John Fielding Series

Bruce Alexander
Watery Grave by Bruce Alexander
The Price of Murder by Bruce Alexander
Rules of Engagement by Bruce Alexander

Sir John Fielding Series : Titles in Order

Book 11
“Richly detailed fiction…storytelling in the grand classic tradition.”—The New York Times
“Fascinating and impeccably written . . . should delight old fans and new readers.”—Chicago Tribune
“Triumphant.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)
When Lord Lammermoor plunges to his death from Westminster Bridge before a dozen witnesses, his death is ruled a suicide. But his fatal leap coincides with the arrival of Dr. Goldsworthy—a student of the famous Dr. Anton Mesmer and his research into animal magnetism. Sir John’s suspicions grow when he learns that Goldsworthy’s patron in London is none other than the beautiful Lady Lammermoor. And the deeper Jeremy investigates the Lammermoor family, the more suspects he discovers who stand to gain from Lord Lammermoor’s death.
“A wonderful series.”—The Washington Post Book World
Book 10
Experience the dangerous intrigue of Georgian England in this novel in Bruce Alexander’s acclaimed historical mystery series featuring Sir John Fielding.

When the body of a young girl is pulled from the Thames, blind magistrate Sir John Fielding’s investigation leads his protégé, Jeremy Proctor, into the notorious Seven Dials section of London. There the sordid inclinations of both the working class and aristocracy may be found—and there, Jeremy learns that the girl’s mother has disappeared near the racetrack. As he delves further into the mystery, he will begin to realize just how high the stakes are, and—when an acquaintance of his own suddenly vanishes—just how terribly steep the odds really are.
Book 9
A packet of incendiary letters is stolen from the London residence of a prominent official, and turns up in the colony of Massachusetts. Why are the contents of the letters so controversial? Why has a suspect in the theft turned up dead? And what should magistrate Sir John Fielding do about his feeling that Benjamin Franklin is somehow complicit? While the tensions rise, Sir John and his protégé, Jeremy Proctor, search for answers—and find that justice isn’t always served by the letter of the law.
Book 8
Blind magistrate Sir John Fielding investigates corruption and murder in the seaside town of Deal, which has become a haven for smugglers.
Book 6
“A rich rewarding trip for everyone.”  —The New York Times
“Alexander’s eye for period detail is sharp and subtle; he brings his historic England back to life in layers.” —Chicago Tribune

When a nobleman is executed, his possessions are expected to go to the Crown, as he is the last of his line. Then a man appears, claiming to be the nobleman’s younger brother who disappeared seven years ago, and declares his right to the estate. But if he really is the blood kin of the executed man, where has he been for so long? And why does his mother react to him so oddly? To find the answers, blind magistrate Sir John Fielding and his ward Jeremy Proctor, must travel from London to Bath to Oxford—and finally to a much darker place…

Book 5
In this fifth Sir John Fielding mystery, the legendary eighteenth-century London judge takes on his most difficult case to date. John Fielding was famous not only as cofounder of London’s first police force, the Bow Street Runners, but also as a magistrate of keen intellect, fairness and uncommon detective ability. What made this all the more remarkable was that he was blind. Now the blind magistrate and his young assistant and ward, Jeremy Proctor, face a baffling pair of deaths. A lord dies suddenly while attending a concert. A disembodied head washes up on the banks of the Thames. While investigating both, Sir John and Jeremy learn more than they ever cared to about family, greed, deception, and the peculiar nature of homicide, high and low.

“This is a wonderful series . . . In addition to giving us a marvelous parade of Georgian-era high and low characters in the London of Johnson and Boswell, it is packed with history and lore, and it’s altogether much fun.”—Washington Post Book World
Book 4
John Fielding was famous not only as cofounder of London’s first police force, the Bow Street Runners, but also as a magistrate of keen intellect, fairness and uncommon detective ability. What made this all the remarkable was that he was blind. Now with his young assistant and ward, Jeremy Proctor, Fielding faces a series of crimes that hit shockingly close to home. Prostitutes are being murdered around Covent Garden, and Fielding devises a daring and desperate plan to find the culprit. However, the consequences are unexpected—and more terrible than even Fielding could imagine.

“Historical fiction done this entertainingly is as close to time travel as we’re likely to get.” – Newsday
Book 3
In this third adventure, Sir John Fielding returns in his most baffling case yet. His stepson returns from high seas with tales of storms and a captain overboard. Was it an accident, or was it murder? Fielding is asked to investigate, but discovers considerably more than he’d bargained for. Filled with the authentic sights and sounds of eighteenth-century London, and with a supremely colorful and varied cast of characters, Watery Grave is in every way a delight to read.

“Fielding’s detection . . . is first-rate. And the period ambiance is both original and persuasive.” (The Boston Globe)

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