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21 Books You’ve Been Meaning to Read
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21 Books You’ve Been Meaning To Read

Reading lists begin as a shelf full of hope until the year flies by, and you find yourself flooded with procrastination. Cheers to the books we’ve been meaning to read all these years and should probably start at some point.

  1. 1

    War and Peace

    A legendary masterpiece, this book is synonymous with difficult reading, so why not challenge yourshelf.

    War and Peace Book Cover Picture
  2. 2

    Song of Solomon

    One must always read a novel by this Nobel Prize winning author.

    Song of Solomon Book Cover Picture
  3. 3


    “Joyce’s parallel use of The Odyssey…has the importance of a scientific discovery…” –T. S. Eliot

    Ulysses Book Cover Picture
  4. 4

    The Shadow of the Wind

    An incredible book by a beloved writer is a must read.

    The Shadow of the Wind Book Cover Picture
  5. 5

    The Lord of the Rings

    Most people have seen the epic movie, but have you read the book?

    The Fellowship of the Ring Book Cover Picture
  6. 6

    The Satanic Verses

    Known as one of Salman Rushdie’s greatest works, this book is definitely on the TBR list.

    The Satanic Verses Book Cover Picture
  7. 7

    Don Quixote

    It’s no surprise that one of the best books of all time should be read.

    Don Quixote Book Cover Picture
  8. 8

    The Golden Compass

    Go on an adventure this year with this thrilling fantasy tale.

    The Golden Compass: His Dark Materials Book Cover Picture
  9. 9


    If this wasn’t already required reading in your school, it’s about time you’ve read it.

    Catch-22 Book Cover Picture
  10. 10


    We were pretty certain you’ve read one of the best books of all time, but in case you haven’t, now’s your chance.

    1984 Book Cover Picture
  11. 11

    The Kite Runner

    The Kite Runner is a 21st century classic. If you’ve read this brilliant book, read it again.

    The Kite Runner Book Cover Picture
  12. 12

    Little Women

    Because you need to know Meg, Beth, Jo, and Amy.

    Little Women Book Cover Picture
  13. 13

    The Cloud Atlas

    Another adaptation you’ll want to read to visualize in 2016.

    Cloud Atlas Book Cover Picture
  14. 14

    The Fountainhead

    A groundbreaking novel that everyone should read at least once.

    The Fountainhead (Centennial Edition HC) Book Cover Picture
  15. 15

    The Picture of Dorian Gray

    For those who were deprived Oscar Wilde as required reading for school.

    The Picture of Dorian Gray Book Cover Picture
  16. 16


    Poignant novels that are also funny are a must-read rarity.

    Lolita Book Cover Picture
  17. 17

    The Help

    This powerful book is beautiful, moving, and hilarious: an essential.

    The Help Book Cover Picture
  18. 18

    The Liar’s Club

    “The essential American story … a beauty.” —Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post Book World

    The Liars' Club Book Cover Picture
  19. 19


    Either you’ve read it, or you pretend you’ve read it.

    Moby-Dick Book Cover Picture
  20. 20

    Gravity’s Rainbow

    At least one Pynchon novel should be on everyone’s TBR list.

    Gravity's Rainbow (Classics Deluxe Edition) Book Cover Picture
  21. 21

    The Handmaid’s Tale

    Same goes for Margaret Atwood, and The Handmaid’s Tale is definitely a classic.

    The Handmaid's Tale Book Cover Picture

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