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Jessica Childs

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Author Essay

A Conversation with Eric and Jessica Childs, the authors of KOMBUCHA!

Wow, this is amazing! Not like the other kombuchas I’ve tried. What’s different?

Balance. We make our kombucha to have that perfect balance of acidity, tannins, and sweetness. Our SCOBYs are also really happy and healthy. That ensures that they do what they are supposed to.

What is fermentation?

Change. The change of a nutrient-dense substrate by a living microorganism. It’s pretty freakin’ awesome too.

Do you have any tips for first-time home brewers?

Don’t be scared. Kombucha has been around for a long time and been made in some pretty intense environments. We have running water, soap, and all sorts of things that weren’t around then. Also, make sure your SCOBY is coming from a happy clean environment and was treated right.

What is the slimy mushroom thing?

It’s a SCOBY. Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. Makes all the magic happen.

Why should I brew my own kombucha?

It’s fun. It’s easy. Makes kombucha super affordable and gives you all the control in the world. Hello jalapeño ’buch!

What can I do with my leftover SCOBYs?

Start another batch, dry it and use it as leather, eat it, feed it to your animals, or pass it on to a friend.

Can I do something wrong and wind up with poison?

You can always do things wrong with anything in life. With ’buch brewing just stick to the procedure, source your SCOBY and don’t make hamburger patties while you brew. Cross contamination is one of your biggest culprits.

Will kombucha help my hangover? What are other benefits of drinking kombucha?

Yes! The Kombuchman has won countless bets on this one. Kombucha naturally has succinic acid, a compound known to reduce the effects of hangover. For a mini hangover 16 oz should do. For those ragers though, 32 oz will save the day. Works 100% of the time.

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