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Breaking News by Robert Macneil

Breaking News

Best Seller
Breaking News by Robert Macneil
Mar 21, 2012 | ISBN 9780307806802
  • Ebook $4.99

    Mar 21, 2012 | ISBN 9780307806802

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"A provocative cri de couer at…our national news media wrapped neatly in a shiny literary package. Jim Lehrer’s loss is fiction’s gain."
–Eric Alterman, New York Times Book Review

"MacNeil calls it a novel but here, in delightfully readable style, may be the best explanation yet of that which ails television news."
–Walter Cronkite

"MacNeil has written a page-turning novel that gripped me and never let go until I reached the last page. On one level, it explores the collision between commerical and news values. On a deeper level, it is a rich human drama."
–Ken Auletta

"Breaking News is a fly on the wall of every network newsroom. Journalistic integrity battles the bottom line and guess who wins? It’s also a study of the seduction of the not-so-innocent, with all the attendant absurdities."
–Morley Safer

"This is a reporter’s notebook, a fly-on-the-wall account of what really goes on behind the facade of the television news business. And you’ll recognize a lot of today’s news heavy-hitters in the ‘fictional’ cast of characters Robert MacNeil has so entertainingly assembled."
–Mike Wallace

>"A devastating portrait of American TV news."
–Max Frankel

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