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The Architect

Best Seller
The Architect by James Moore and Wayne Slater
Sep 05, 2006 | ISBN 9780307352644

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  • Sep 05, 2006 | ISBN 9780307352644

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Acclaim for The Architect

"Moore and Slater, relentless investigative reporters and great story tellers, have written the political exposé of the era. Only the architect himself has as thorough a grasp as these two of Rove’s audacious blueprint for Republican Party dominance of American politics. Whether you want to learn from Rove or figure out how to stop him, this is the essential primer." —Bruce Buchanan, author of The Presidential Experience and The Policy Partnership

“A brisk, fearless, and often startling investigation into the life and works of Karl Rove. James Moore and Wayne Slater set new details about Rove’s personality and behavior within the political context of our times—and provide an unmistakable warning about Rove’s self-appointed mission.” —Joe Conason, author of Big Lies

The Architect shines a light on the White House’s master of dog whistle politics and his ‘win at any cost’ tactics. In this riveting and startling exposé, Moore and Slater present a case study in hubris, overreach, and what happens when the tools and strengths of our democracy are used to undermine it. The authors show, with a keen sense of irony, how little Karl Rove even cares about the causes of those who march to his Pied Piper’s tune every four years. If you’ve ever felt that your country is in peril, read this book—it will confirm your worst fears.” —Arianna Huffington, author of Pigs at the Trough

“Imagine a cunning plot by a ruthless mastermind to seize control of the government of the United States. Now imagine that he succeeds. Then conjure up two sleuths dedicated to tracking him down who ultimately discover his ‘Rosebud,’ the shocking secret of his past that explains his ferocity. Karl Rove is the mastermind. James Moore and Wayne Slater are the fearless investigators. And The Architect is their startling report—the thriller of the decade.” —Sidney Blumenthal, author of The Clinton Wars

“A gripping story of the hijacking of the Republican party by Karl Rove, his allies from the radical right, and his corrupt cronies from K Street. A must read for any student of the history of our times.” —Ambassador Joseph Wilson, author of The Politics of Truth

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