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The Gospel of Yes

Best Seller
The Gospel of Yes by Mike Glenn
Jun 05, 2012 | ISBN 9780307730480

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  • Jun 05, 2012 | ISBN 9780307730480

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Praise for The Gospel of Yes

“Christians are often known by what they are against rather than what they are for. This stance results from seeing God as a cosmic naysayer, out to coerce our compliance and punish us when we get off track. In The Gospel of Yes, Mike Glenn offers a bold and inspiring corrective. When we start living in the truth of God’s ‘yes’ it changes everything—our view of God, our view of ourselves, and our view of the world. Read it. Embrace it. Share it.”
—Michael Hyatt, chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, author of Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

“I talk to people every day who have racked up a huge pile of debt and put their families at risk just so they can live someone else’s definition of the good life. But there’s a better way to live. In The Gospel of Yes, Mike Glenn shows you God’s way of living life from the ‘yes’. Now you can say ‘yes’ to destiny, ‘yes’ to forgiveness, ‘yes’ to God!”
—Dave Ramsey, New York Times best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio host

“God’s ‘yes’ in Jesus Christ leads to our discovering who God made each of us to be. Mike Glenn opens our eyes to the truth that God has said ‘yes’ over us, and it is our simple calling to do God’s ‘yes’ and to be that ‘yes’.”
—Scot McKnight, author of The King Jesus Gospel and One.Life

“This is not a ‘prosperity gospel, name-it-and-claim-it’ book. This is a ‘glorious God, love Him and praise Him’ book. All Christ-followers will be challenged and encouraged by it. Mike Glenn provides a solid biblical foundation for building authentic relationships with God, with others, and with ourselves.”
—Sandra D. Wilson, PhD, seminary professor, spiritual director, and author of Into Abba’s Arms and Released from Shame

“Mike Glenn is my pastor, friend, and counselor. He is the right person to author a book about a positive approach to the power and purpose of Jesus Christ. Mike’s emphasis on changing our negative views to those things positive was evident back when I first met him. Now, in The Gospel of Yes, he has given all of us the ‘yes’ that he instilled in me.”
—Brad Paisley, Grammy Award Winning recording artist and Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year

“Too many Christians are living a smaller life than the one God designed for them. They accept unnecessary limitations because they fail to trust God’s ‘yes’. When you listen to God’s ‘yes’, you find your identity and discover your calling. Let Mike Glenn point you toward your destiny as you hear the most powerful word God will ever speak to you.”
—Mark Batterson, author of The Circle Maker, Soulprint, and In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day

“Mike Glenn is that rare incisive, profound thinker who knows how to put the cookies on the lower shelf where the rest of us can enjoy them. The Gospel of Yes is filled with chewy delights you can easily reach. Don’t miss these treats.”
—Jerry B. Jenkins, New York Times best-selling author; owner of the Christian Writers Guild

“Soon after I started The Gospel of Yes, I was no longer reading the message, I was savoring the message. I heard afresh how much God loves me. I heard anew how much He cares for the plans of my life. I heard that God is more interested in telling me ‘yes’ than ‘no’. This book is remarkable. And my reaction at the conclusion of my reading surprised me. I wanted to read it again.”
—Thom S. Rainer, president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources

”When we want to accomplish something, we start with a clear destination. We don’t think about the places we don’t want to go, just the place we have determined to reach. The Gospel of Yes is all about living in line with that purpose, with our own ‘yes’. Having watched Mike live out his ‘yes’, and seeing the explosive growth of his church, I am glad he took the time to share his blueprint with the rest of us.”
—Skip Prichard, president and CEO of Ingram Content Group

“This was one of those books where my highlighter wore out before I even finished the introduction. I can’t wait to see what will happen to a culture that, up to this point, has believed that God’s favorite word is ‘no’. They will be changed by The Gospel of Yes.”
—Jon Acuff, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Quitter and Stuff Christians Like

Author Q&A

Q & A with Mike Glenn, author of The Gospel of Yes
How would you explain the title, The Gospel of Yes?
The scandalous good news of the gospel is “God is for us.”  That’s the message Jesus brought to us.  God’s word to us is a resounding yes. The great yes of God echoes back to us in creation, in the call of Abraham, the Exodus, the missionary work of the early church—and ultimately and supremely in Jesus Christ.  God’s word to humanity is Yes!  Yes to life and life more abundant; Yes to restoration and healing and Yes to eternity with Him.

When did you realize there was a need to help people understand what it meant to live in Yes?
We have a Tuesday night worship experience called Kairos that focuses on young adults.  In a lot of my conversation with these young adults, they would begin to tell me all of the things they had done wrong in their lives.  They felt bad about their mistakes, but were failing in their efforts to simply avoid doing wrong.  When I asked them what they were for, they had no idea what I was talking about.  We started talking and preaching about the Yes we have Christ Jesus and when you know your yes (the person you are in Christ and the purpose for which you were created), then the No’s of your life take care of themselves.

How is your view of God shaped by living in Yes instead of No?
I have found it makes all the difference in how you live when you understand the grace of the Father is for your benefit as a person.  God is committed to your success as any good father is.  To understand that God is working for your good instead of sitting way up in heaven with a fist full of lightning bolts waiting for us to make a mistake, allows us to live in a joyful freedom I haven’t been able to find anywhere else.

Your book talks about how Christianity and the culture have built into our lives a message of No.  How would you describe that?
We love to keep score.  Everything we do or have done or value.  That’s a problem in authentic Christianity.  How do you measure mercy?  How do you quantify love?  This is frustrating to us as humans, so the church developed a way to keep points (attendance, giving, etc.) that we could measure.  We also developed a lot of things that cause us to lose points (not attending church, etc.)  By adding and subtracting points, we could tell what kind of Christian each of us was.  I am being a little facetious, but not much.  Christianity as a point system is a very small and bitter way to live.  It’s not the gospel Jesus preached.

How did you find your Yes?
I had always been looking for my yes, but I didn’t know what I was looking for.  I knew I was called, but I was a different kind of kid.  .I didn’t fit “pastoral expectations.”  Through the insight of several good friends, I began to understand the way I was put together and understood my own gifts.  When I began to live out of my Yes, my life changed completely.
Is there only one Yes found in life?
As you follow Christ, there are lots of moments of awakening and new understanding.  I would say there is one big Yes—to follow Christ and become like Him.  But there are lots of little yeses.  Our God is full of surprises.

You wrote about biblical characters who found their Yes.  Can you tell us about a favorite of yours?
Most of the biblical characters we know about lived out their Yes in one way or another.  Abraham, Moses, David, Joseph, Peter, Mary, Lydia . .the list goes on and on of course.  But for me, I wish I could live out my yes the way Paul did.  Paul knew he was called to preach the gospel and he used every opportunity—even his own trial and imprisonment—to preach the gospel.  I wish I could get to the point in my life where no matter what question life was throwing at me, I would answer out of my Yes in Christ and to Christ.

Is this message of Yes one that is even understood by the church and God’s people?
I think the message of Yes is heard by God’s people, but the wildness of this message frightens a lot of people.  They would rather live in the safety of not doing wrong.  But as more Christ followers find and live in the power of Yes, the greater impact their lives will have.  And being in the yes of Christ attracts the attention of a world trapped in misguided expectation of success and happiness.  No one is as powerful a witness of the church of Christ as a person who is living in their full yes.

How will the Yes found in the gospel of Jesus Christ change a life?
Once you understand your yes in Christ—what you are for—the no’s take care of themselves.   As we see how Christ created us and what happens when we sync our energies with the work of His spirit in the world, there is a synergy that is hard to explain.  To know who you truly are in Christ, to unleash your giftedness and how it serves your calling opens up possibilities in life you just can’t find anywhere else.        

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