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Real Boys' Voices by William S. Pollack and Todd Shuster

Real Boys' Voices

Best Seller
Real Boys' Voices by William S. Pollack and Todd Shuster
Paperback $18.00
May 01, 2001 | ISBN 9780141002941

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  • May 01, 2001 | ISBN 9780141002941

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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Listening to Boys’ Voices
A Nationwide Journey
Moments of Doubt
Helping Boys to Be Themselves

Reaching Out and Listening to Boys: A New Approach
Getting Behind the Mask
The Real Boys’ Voices Project

Part I: The Secret Emotional Lives of Boys
1. The Secret Emotional Lives of America’s Boys: What They’re Really Talking About
2. Taking Off the Gender Straitjacket
3. The Mask of Masculinity and the Double Life: Suppression and Bravado
4. The Angst of Becoming a Man: Coming of Age
5. Of Two Minds: Having Sex with Girls
6. The Pressure to Work and Succeed
7. Spirituality and Renewal
8. Bullying and Teasing: Fitting In and Being Left Out: Overcoming Bullying; What If Your Child Is Bullying?; What Should Boys Who Are Bullied Know?
9. Sadness, Depression, and Suicide: Sad Boys or Bad Boys?: Is He Bad or Is He Sad?; How Do You Tell if a Boy Is Depressed?

Part II: The Cycle of Rage and Violence
10. Traumatic Violence: Listening to Boys from Littleton, Colorado
11. The Columbine Syndrome: Fear of Violence
12. Abuse

Part III: Boys Reaching Out and Connecting
13. Love for Mother
14. The Dad Connection
15. Friendships and Romances with Girls
16. Having Male Buddies
17. Emotional Intensity: Connecting Through Sports
18. Coming Out as Gay and Supporting Those Who Do

Part IV: Dealing with Loss, Loneliness, and Shame
19. Pumping and Crunching: Body Image and the Media
20. The Sting of Divorce
21. Addictions: Drugs, Alcohol, and the Media
22. Loss: Coping with Injury, Illness, and Death

Part V: Boys in the World
23. Overcoming Hatred, Racism, and Poverty: Justice and Action Talk
24. Music, Art, and Writing: Boys Talk Through Creativity

Epilogue: Mentoring Boys and Creating Safe Spaces: A 15-Step Program

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