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As Ever by Joanne Kyger

As Ever

Best Seller
As Ever by Joanne Kyger
Paperback $22.00
Jul 30, 2002 | ISBN 9780142001127

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  • Jul 30, 2002 | ISBN 9780142001127

    Also available from:

  • Jul 30, 2002 | ISBN 9781101498293

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Table Of Contents

As EverForeword by Michael Rothenberg
Introduction by David Meltzer

The Maze
The Dance
“Somewhere you can find reference”
12.29 & 30 (Pan as the son Penelope)
“A song in the rope”
“waiting again”
“They are constructing a craft”
“It is lonely”
Caption for a miniature
My Sister Evelyne
Burning the Baby to make him realer
Iliad: Achilles does not die
“fragmented. ie several valleys”
“Look the bird is making plans”
The Hunt in the Wood: Paolo Uccello
“My father died this spring”
Those things we see are images of the past
“The persimmons are falling”
The Odyssey Poems
The Pigs for Circe in May
“She comes up”
“I didn’t want to think”
From The Imaginary Apparitions
Places to Go I-IV & Here
“Dear, Dearest”
A Novel
May 29
July 21. Weedy
The Tree in the Fire
Descartes and the Splendor Of
“From this moment”
Lord Ganesha
Tuesday, October 28, 1969. Bolinas
October 28, Take It Easier
October 29, Wednesday
October 31
November 12
Thursday, 13 November
Monday, November 17
Back in Time
“Never talk ahead”
“I walked home & had some soup”
“This is a Short Story”
Not Yet
“It’s been a long time”
News bulletin from Keith Lampe
Desecheo Notebook
“The rain”
“Bird family”
“This is the way I like to feel the best”
“I want to point out that I am not up tight”
“Often I try so hard with stimulants”
“Utmost Disarray”
“No one was watching the tortillas”
“I want a smaller thing in mind”
“Oft have I wondered and climbed”
Trip Out and Fall Back
“A small field of tall golden headed grass”
“O fresh day in February”
“Every day I burn a stick of incense”
“When I used to focus”
“This is the first time”
“I don’t believe in any”
“The far off pine”
“When I was well into being savored”
“When I step through the door”
“In my imaginary conversation”
“I thought I would never get out here again”
“It is true”
“Looking out to the garden fair”
“It’s a great day”
“Wooden walls”
“Of all things for you to go away”
“The apple tree”
“Chill waves”
“Throwing a crank”
“Is this the Buddha?”
“I don’t want to repeat”
“April 4, 1975 Time of wonder”
The Brain Impressed in Its Oddities
“I’m going to be a poet”
Morning Mess
“Bright, sparkling”
Saturday Full Moon September
“I’d like to magic you on this grand occasion”
“There are so many letters I would like to write”
“I am afraid”
Silver City Overlay
Up My Coast
The Crystal in Tamalpais
Visit to Maya Land
The Wonderful Focus of You
And with March a Decade in Bolinas
“You believe this stash of writing is ‘scholarly?”
“A few days later at the washtub”
The Depressed Ennui before 11 A.M.
“Stripes of red, black, and gold”
“Not much time left”
My how the days fly by in Life Time
Haiku for Charles Berrard on his 40th Birthday
“In my dream last night Deer Lady”
“Yesterday when Diana drops me off on Evergreen”
“The Karmapa spoke to me from a center of light”
Good Manners
“Morning is such a welcome time. It doesn’t demand”
“Dinner at Briarcomb, that Artists’ posh retreat”
December 25
Philip Whalen’s Hat
Day after Ted Berrigan’s Memorial Reading
January 12, 1984
June 26
Monday Afternoon May 14, 1984:
“Giverny I am for Gee Verr Nee”
Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Review
Fall Equinox
From Phenomenological
“Self Loathing & Self Pity”
“Tuesday May 7”
Love Boat
Yuppy Wittgensteins Arise!
Miwok Mandarin Bolinas Bamboo
“Ah it’s socked in today boys heavy metal”
“You know when you write poetry you find”
“Oh Man is the highest type of animal existing”
“Anything that is created
“DARREL GRAY dies when I am in Mexico”
Tuesday October 27, ’87
From the Jataka Tales
Take it O Moon on the run
Saturday February 4
February 7 Tuesday
February 17 Friday
Death Valley Desert Notes
Incense for the Buddha
“The sun is about to pass”
“Haven’t I seen you”
In Memoriam
From the Life of Naropa
“It certainly was divine running into you”
Friday Night
A Story from Easter: He Has Risen
Ocean Parkway Gazing
“Specially For Your Eyes”
Adonis Is Older Than Jesus
“Again recognizing”
“How Does one attain that popular narrative”
Town Hall Reading with Beat Poets
Watching TV
Terrace Roads slumps into the Canyon
I Blinked My Eyes, Looked Up and Everyone Was 25 Years Older—
“Replacement Buddhas”
Wake Up
View North
Bob Marley Night Saturday Downtown
“So, well, now,”
Snapshot for Lew Welch 25 Years Later
“Dear dear little wrentit”
Wide Mind
Arthur Okamura’s Pipul Tree’s Bodhi Leaf
First Nation
“I thought, I’ll make it so simple”
Stupidly Inspired
For the Pittosporum Tenuifolium Outside the Studio Window
It’s So
Naropa approaches his teacher Instruction time again
“The ‘English’ sparrows in the courtyard don’t know”
“What you really don’t want is some”
Your Heart Is Fine
To Live in This World Again
I Can’t Help It
“Whatever It Takes”
The Dharani
Forever and a While
The Fog is halfway over the mesa


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