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The Struggle for Mastery by David Carpenter

The Struggle for Mastery

Best Seller
The Struggle for Mastery by David Carpenter
Paperback $22.00
Mar 29, 2005 | ISBN 9780140148244

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  • Mar 29, 2005 | ISBN 9780140148244

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“This is a fine, up-to-date synthesis of a grand subject, now suitably enlarged.” —T.N. Bisson, Henry Charles Lea Professor of Medieval History, Harvard University

Table Of Contents

The Struggle for MasteryList of Maps and Genealogical Tables
Money, Technical Terms, and Names of People and Places

1. The Peoples of Britain
2. The Economies of Britain
3. The Norman Conquest of England, 1066-87
4. Wales, Scotland and the Normans, 1058-94
5. Britain and the Anglo-Norman Realm, 1087-1135
6. Britain Remodelled: King Stephen, 1135-54, King David, 1124-53, and the Welsh Rulers
7. King Henry II, Britain and Ireland, 1154-89
8. Richard the Lionheart, 1189-99, and William the Lion, 1165-1214
9. The Reign of King John, 1199-1216
10. The Minority of Henry III and its Sequel, 1216-34, Llywelyn the Great, 1194-1240, and Alexander II, 1214-49
11. Britain During the Personal Rule of King Henry III, 1234-58
12. The Tribulations of Henry III, the Triumphs of Alexander III and Llywelyn, Prince of Wales, 1255-72
13. Structures of Society
14. Church, Religion, Literacy and Learning
15. King Edward I: The Parliamentary State
16. Wales and Scotland: Conquest and Coexistence

Genealogical Tables

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