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The Talmud

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The Talmud by
Paperback $19.00
Jun 30, 2009 | ISBN 9780141441788

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  • Jun 30, 2009 | ISBN 9780141441788

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Table Of Contents

The TalmudList of Illustrations



How to Read the Talmud
Structure—The Framework of the Talmud
The Reception of the Mishna—Bavli and Yerushalmi
How the Talmud Started
Babylonia of the Talmud—Social and Religious Background
The Men Who Made Mishna and Talmud
Style of the Talmud
Titles and Names
The Talmud and Christianity
Transmission of the Text

A Note On This Translation
Bible Translation
‘Israel’, ‘Jew’, ‘Palestine’
Page Layout

Further Reading


First Order Zeraim (Seeds)
First Tractate Berakhot (Blessings)
Second Tractate Pe’ah (Corner of the Field)
Third Tractate Demai (Doubtfully Tithed Produce)
Fourth Tractate Kil’ayim (Mixtures)
Fifth Tractate Shevi’it (The Seventh Year)
Sixth Tractate Terumot (Heave Offerings)
Seventh Tractate Ma’aserot (Tithes)
Eighth Tractate Ma’aser Sheni (Second Tithe)
Ninth Tractate Halla (Dough Offering)
Tenth Tractate ‘Orla (Fruit of First Three Years)
Eleventh Tractate Bikkurim (First-fruits)

Second Order Mo’ed (Appointed Times)
First Tractate Shabbat (The Sabbath)
Second Tractate Eruvin (Boundaries)
Third Tractate Pesahim (The Passover)
Fourth Tractate Sheqalim (The Annual Temple Tax)
Fifth Tractate Yoma (The Day)
Sixth Tractate Sukka (Tabernacles)
Seventh Tractate Betza (Festival Laws)
Eighth Tractate Rosh Hashana (The New Year)
Ninth Tractate Ta’anit (Public Fasts)
Tenth Tractate Megilla (Purim)
Eleventh Tractate Mo’ed Qatan (Middle Days of Festivals)
Twelfth Tractate Hagiga (The Festival Sacrifice)

Third Order Nashim (Women)
First Tractate Yevamot (Sisters-in-law)
Second Tractate Ketubot (Marriage Entitlements)
Third Tractate Nedarim (Vows)
Fourth Tractate Nazir (The Nazirite)
Fifth Tractate Sota (The Wayward Wife)
Sixth Tractate Gittin (Divorce)
Seventh Tractate Qiddushin (Betrothal)

Fourth Order Nesiqin (Damages)
First Tractate Bava Qama (The First Gate)
Second Tractate Bava Metzi’a (The Middle Gate)
Third Tractate Bava Batra (The Last Gate)
Fourth Tractate Sanhedrin (The Court)
Fifth Tractate Makkot (Flogging)
Sixth Tractate Shavuot (Oaths)
Seventh Tractate Eduyot (Testimonies—Legal Precedents)
Eighth Tractate Avoda Zara (Idolatry)
Ninth Tractate Avot (Wisdom of the Fathers)
Tenth Tractate Horayot (Decisions)

Fifth Order Qodashim (Holy Things)
First Tractate Zevahim (Sacrifices)
Second Tractate Menahot (Grain Offerings)
Third Tractate Hullin (Unconsecrated Meat)
Fourth Tractate Bekhorot (First-born)
Fifth Tractate Arakhin (Valuations)
Sixth Tractate Temura (Substitutes)
Seventh Tractate Keritot (Exclusions)
Eighth Tractate Me’ila (Sacrilege)
Ninth Tractate Qinnim (Bird Pairs)
Tenth Tractate Tamid (Regular Temple Procedure)
Eleventh Tractate Middot (Temple Measurements)

Sixth Order Tohorot (Purities)
First Tractate Kelim (Artefacts)
Second Tractate Ohalot (Tents)
Third Tractate Nega’im (Plagues)
Fourth Tractate Parah (The Red Heifer)
Fifth Tractate Tohorot (Purities)
Sixth Tractate Miqva’ot (Pools)
Seventh Tractate Nidda (Menstruant)
Eighth Tractate Makhshirin (Enablers of Impurity)
Ninth Tractate Zavim (Discharges)
Tenth Tractate T’vul Yom (Immersed That Day)
Eleventh Tractate Yadayim (Hands)
Twelfth Tractate ‘Uqtzin (Stalks)




I. The Jewish Calendar
II. Tithes and Sabbatical Years
III. Coins, Weights and Measures
IV. Books of the Bible
V. Tractates of the Mishna in Alphabetical Order
VI. Hebrew Names and Transliteration

Primary Texts
English Translations
Secondary Works


Sacred Writings Index

General Index

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