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What the Fork Are You Eating?

Best Seller
What the Fork Are You Eating? by Stefanie Sacks MS, CNS, CDN
Paperback $16.95
Dec 26, 2014 | ISBN 9780399167966

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  • Dec 26, 2014 | ISBN 9780399167966

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  • Dec 26, 2014 | ISBN 9780698147843

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“Essential reading for anyone interested in eating a clean, healthy diet.  Stefanie Sacks explains the additives in food and how to avoid the harmful ones. This book will guide you in cleaning up your pantry and refrigerator, shopping wisely, and storing food properly. All this and easy, appealing recipes too!”
—Dr. Andrew Weil, founder and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine and author of True Food
“While Sacks writes in a similar style to Marion Nestle and ­Michael ­Pollan, her book is more accessible and practical for people seeking the motivation and tools to follow a healthier lifestyle, emphasizing that even very small changes in diet can make a big difference in health…. This is a valuable guide to evaluating, choosing, and preparing food for wellness.”
—Library Journal

“An approachable, sensible guide that delivers on its promise of helping readers make healthier choices without breaking the bank or alienating family members.”
—Publishers Weekly

“This is a good primer for those who want to give themselves and their families a nutrition makeover. Sacks, a chef with a master of science in nutrition degree, provides can-do ways to make healthier choices.”

“Stefanie Sacks shines a bright light on the dark side of our food supply, but she doesn’t resort to fear-mongering and she doesn’t leave you hanging. Rather, she offers a sensible, step-by-step plan for making the best food choices in the real world. Her non-judgmental, balanced approach and inspiring recipes are just what we need to make healthy changes that last.”
—Ellie Krieger, MS, RDN, host of the Food Network’s “Healthy Appetite” and bestselling author of Weeknight Wonders

“Stefanie understands how we need to nourish ourselves. She has helped me shift food choices to support my mind, body, and spirit, and I believe she can do the same for you.”
Donna Karan

“In a time when labels are meaningless, Sacks cuts through consumer confusion and tells the truth about our food system. What the Fork Are You Eating? is an informative, accessible guide on how to choose healthy—and safe—food. A must-read for anyone who cares about what they put in their body.”
—Anthony Fassio, CEO, Natural Gourmet Institute          
“Stefanie reminds us to slow the fork down, encouraging us to learn the story behind our food so that we can make better food choices that will truly nourish our body, mind, and spirit.”
 —Richard McCarthy, Executive Director, Slow Food USA®
“In a world where our children are expected to have shorter lifespans than ourselves and where the leading cause of death for children under 15 is cancer, it is imperative that we are all educated on our food choices. What the Fork Are You Eating? is an invaluable tool to help you feed yourself, your family, and your friends the ‘best,’ healthiest food possible. With Stefanie Sacks as your guide, you can positively impact the health of your family, our food supply, and possibly our planet as well!”
—Ann Cooper, founder of the Chef Ann Foundation and author of Lunch Lessons: Changing the Way We Feed Our Children
“Stefanie Sacks really stirs the pot in her must-read book, What the Fork Are You Eating?  With wit, wisdom and authority, Stefanie clearly lays out what nasty additives are hiding in our food, and empowers us with concrete solutions on how to make cleaner food choices. This book is a must-have for all of us looking to enhance our health and wellbeing.”
—Rebecca Katz, MS, author of The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen and The Longevity Kitchen
“There’s a revolution coming, and the most powerful weapon is your fork! You choose—is your fork a weapon of mass destruction, or does it wield food as medicine? In What The Fork Are You Eating? Stefanie Sacks tells you what the fork to do to ward off the top-rated terminators and get yourself to pantry and meal rehab for a longer and healthier life!”
—Mary Beth Augustine, MS, RDN, CDN, Director of Nutrition, Saybrook University, and author of The Detox Prescription
“Stefanie Sacks asks the pressing question, ‘When will the food industry and the government stop playing roulette with our health?’ She elucidates myriad ways they are doing so, as well as how we can navigate a healthy route through our food system. This book is an invaluable resource in guiding each one of us to be part of the solution.”
—Mary Cleaver, chef and owner of The Cleaver Company and The Green Table
“Stefanie Sacks has given us an eminently practical guide to help us navigate the windy road of healthy eating. Her expertise in this field is evident on every page as she lays out in straightforward language the dangers of the artificial food industry and the ‘better for you alternatives.’  Her good-natured approach is a refreshing change from the fear-based messages we find so often in books about nutrition. As a pediatrician, I will be recommending this book to all my families to support mindful healthy eating.  Enjoy each chapter of What the Fork as you would a good meal. Bon Appetite.”
—Stephen Cowan MD, FAAP, author of Fire Child, Water Child: How Understanding the Five Types of ADHD Can Help You Improve Your Child’s Self-Esteem and Attention.

Author Essay

Dear Reader,

I have to confess that I’m not always the healthiest eater. I have a weakness for things like French fries and ice cream. I do try to limit my indulgences and eat better, but it can be easy to shut down when everyone has contradictory opinions about what constitutes a healthy diet.

Stefanie has been there and done that in terms of trying various fad diets, but she has emerged as a true moderationist. Now moderation is something I can get on board with. What the Fork Are You Eating? is Stefanie’s action plan for what to eat and what to avoid, and she’s done all the research for us in terms of navigating our convoluted food system. Best of all, Stefanie makes everything simple. For example, she tells us which fruits and veggies retain the most pesticides (so we should always opt for the organic versions), and she explains which third party verifications to trust because labels like “natural,” “cage-free, and “free-range” aren’t actually regulated by the government and are therefore meaningless.

Stefanie’s straightforward advice makes it much less daunting to be a healthy and humane consumer. She even helps us to make better choices when we’re indulging in some of those not-so-healthy foods every now and then. After all, there’s a difference between ice cream laden with artificial flavors and coloring and preservatives, and an alternative brand that has less than 10 ingredients, all of which I can readily identify and which aren’t chemicals manufactured in a lab.What the Fork Are You Eating? is full of practical, accessible information and has become my go-to guide for navigating the grocery store.

Joanna Ng

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