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Speed Reading by Tony Buzan

Speed Reading

Best Seller
Speed Reading by Tony Buzan
Jan 30, 1991 | ISBN 9780452266049
  • Paperback $15.00

    Jan 30, 1991 | ISBN 9780452266049

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Praise for The Mind Map Book
“Shows corporate executives how to hot-wire their creative energies… Buzan puts on quite a show.”—Forbes
“This idea-rich, relentlessly upbeat manual proffers graphic images as an aid to unlock creative thinking or clarify emotions… will challenge and stimulate the open-minded.”—Publishers Weekly

Table Of Contents

Speed ReadingEditor’s Foreword

Part One: About Reading

1. The Starting Point – Check Your Normal Reading Speed and Comprehension
Self Test 1 – The Intelligence War

2. Reading – A New Definition

3. The Common Reading Problems – Subvocalisation, Finger-Pointing, Regression and Back-Skipping – New Approaches to Overcoming Them
Self Test 2 – Introduction to Psychology

4. Improving Your Concentration and Increasing Your Comprehension

Part Two: Your Amazing Eyes

5. Gaining Control of Your Eye Movements to Increase Your Speed and Comprehension

6. Guiding the Eyes – A New Speed and Range Reading Technique

7. Eye-Deal External and Internal Environmental Range Reading Conditions
Self Test 3 – Methods of Science

8. Developing Advanced Skimming and Scanning Skills

9. Meta-Guiding Towards ‘Photographic Memory’ Reading Levels
Self Test 4 – History

Part Three: Developing Advanced Range Reading Skills

10. Keeping the Beat – Multiplying Your Speed by the New Metronome Training Method
Self Test 5 – The Major Musical Instruments

11. Mind Mapping – A New Dimension in Thinking and Note-Taking

12. Using Knowledge of Paragraph Structure to Increase Speed and Comprehension

13. Previewing – Your Mental Reconnaissance
Self Test 6 – Art – Primitive to Christian

14. Developing Your Mastermind Vocabulary (I) Prefixes and Exercises

15. Developing Your Mastermind Vocabulary (II) Suffixes and Exercises

16. Developing Your Mastermind Vocabulary (III) Roots and Exercises

Part Four: Using Your Eye/Brain Systems – Applications

17. The Mind Map Organic Study Technique (MMOST) – How to Prepare
Self Test 7 – Art – Gothic to National Schools

18. Getting Control of Your Newspapers
Self Test 8 – Astronomy

19. The Logic of Logic

20. Getting the Full Value from Literature and Poetry
Self Test 9 – The History of Communications

21. Creating Your Knowledge File – Your Brain’s External Data Bank

22. What You Have Accomplished So Far – Your Extraordinary Possibilities For the Future
Self Test 10 – The Enchanted Loom – Your Brain

Self Test Answers

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