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Paths Beyond Ego

Best Seller
Paths Beyond Ego by Roger Walsh and Frances Vaughan
Paperback $16.95
Sep 15, 1993 | ISBN 9780874776782

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  • Sep 15, 1993 | ISBN 9780874776782

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Table Of Contents

Paths Beyond Ego Foreword, by John E. Mack, M.D.Preface

Section One: The Riddle of Consciousness
1. Psychology, Reality, and Consciousness – Daniel Goleman
2. Psychologia Perennis: The Spectrum of Consciousness – Ken Wilber
3. The Systems Approach to Consciousness – Charles Tart
4. Mapping and Comparing States – Roger Walsh

Section Two: Meditation: Royal Road to the Transpersonal
5. The Seven Factors of Enlightenment – Jack Kornfield
6. Meditation Research: The State of the Art – Roger Walsh
7. Even the Best Meditators Have Old Wounds to Heal: Combining Meditation and Psychotherapy – Jack Kornfield

Section Three: Lucid Dreaming
8. Benefits of Lucid Dreaming – Judith Malamud
9. Learning Lucid Dreaming – Stephen LaBerge
10. Beyond Lucidity: Moving Toward Pure Consciousness – Jayne Gackenbach and Jane Bosveld
11. Continuous Consciousness – Sri Aurobindo
12. From Lucidity to Enlightenment: Tibetan Dream Yoga – Stephen LaBerge

Section Four: The Mind Manifesters: Implications of Psychedelics
13. Do Drugs Have Religious Import? – Huston Smith
14. The Varieties of Consciousness: Observations on Nitrous Oxide – William James
15. Realms of the Human Unconscious: Observations from LSD Research – Stanislav Grof


Section Five: Transpersonal Dimensions of Development
16. The Spectrum of Transpersonal Development – Ken Wilber
17. Becoming Somebody and Nobody: Psychoanalysis and Buddhism – John H. Engler
18. The Varieties of Egolessness – Mark Epstein
19. The Pre/Trans Fallacy – Ken Wilber

Section Six: Problems on the Path: Clinical Concerns
20. Spiritual Emergency: The Understanding and Treatment of Transpersonal Crises – Christina Grof and Stanislav Grof
21. Addiction as Spiritual Emergency – Christina Grof and Stanislav Grof
22. The Shadow of the Enlightened Guru – Georg Feuerstein
23. The Spectrum of Pathologies – Ken Wilber

Section Seven: The Quest for Wholeness: Transpersonal Therapies
24. The Spectrum of Therapies – Ken Wilber
25. Healing and Wholeness: Transpersonal Psychotherapy – Frances Vaughan
26. Assumptions of Transpersonal Psychotherapy – Bryan Wittine
27. Integral Practices: Body, Heart, and Mind – Michael Murphy


Section Eight: Science, Technology, and Transcendence
28. Different Views from Different States – Gordon Globus
29. Eye to Eye: Science and Transpersonal Psychology – Ken Wilber
30. Science and Mysticism – Fritjof Capra
31. Transpersonal Anthropology – Charles D. Laughlin, Jr., John McManus, and Jon Shearer
32. The Near-Death Experience – Kenneth Ring

Section Nine: The Philosophy of Transcendence
33. Transpersonal Worldviews: Historical and Philosophical Reflections – Robert A. McDermott
34. The Perennial Philosophy – Aldous Huxley
35. The Great Chain of Being – Ken Wilber
36. Hidden Wisdom – Roger Walsh

Section Ten: Minding Our World: Service and Sustainability
37. The Nobel Peace Prize Lecture: A Call for Universal Responsibility – The Dalai Lama
38. Compassion: The Delicate Balance – Ram Dass
39. Conscious Love – John Welwood
40. Transpersonal Ecology – Warwick Fox
41. Deep Ecology: Living as If Nature Mattered – Bill Devall and George Sessions
42. The Tao of Personal and Social Transformation – Duane Elgin
43. Transpersonal Experience and the Global Crisis – Stanislav Grof and Christina Grof
44. An Inner Manhattan Project – Peter Russell

Section Eleven: Envisioning the Future
45. Paths Beyond Ego in the Coming Decades – Ken Wilber
46. The Adventure of Consciousness – Roger Walsh and Frances Vaughan

Notes and References
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