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Almost Midnight by Michael W. Cuneo

Almost Midnight

Best Seller
Almost Midnight by Michael W. Cuneo
Feb 08, 2012 | ISBN 9780307815453
  • Ebook $10.99

    Feb 08, 2012 | ISBN 9780307815453

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Praise for American Exorcism by Michael W. Cuneo
“A wild exploration of the spookier and more fantastical side of Middle America.”
“Armed with a wry wit and girded in the armor of an inquiring but ‘open-mindedly skeptical’ intellect . . . Cuneo argues convincingly that . . . pop exorcism’s quick-fix approach to spiritual maladies is uncomfortably close to the plastic-surgery mentality of secular culture.” —Washington Post Book World
“Highly entertaining. An insightful look into another form of millennial madness.”
“With skill and wit and sympathy, [Michael Cuneo’s] study of exorcism in the United States is a pioneering work of extraordinary depth and insight.” —Father Andrew M. Greeley, Professor of Social Science, University of Chicago
“Provocative and frightening.” —Book magazine
“Damned good reporting.” —Maxim
“Astute social criticism . . . Cuneo is both a skeptical and sensitive observer.” —The Nation
“As if we need any more reasons to be freaked out about religious zealots . . . along comes Michael Cuneo to jolt the green vomit out of us right here in our own backyard.” —Hartford Advocate
“Michael Cuneo has done an amazing thing. He’s written a book on demonic possession that is compulsively readable without being lurid or sensational. If it doesn’t cause you to consider your own demons and how you deal with them, you need to read it again.”
—Haven Kimmel, author of The Solace of Leaving Early and A Girl Named Zippy
“Mesmerizing . . . Lucidly written and riveting as any horror novel.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)
“Cuneo brings to his subject a delightful combination of respect, curiosity, irony, and a humor that manages to be wry without being derisive. [American Exorcism’s] findings are delivered with wit, wisdom, and lucidity.” —Trenton Times
“Cuneo [is] a very able tour guide on this trip through a part of American religion that has rarely been objectively described.” —Library Journal (starred review)

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