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The Wedding Date Reader’s Guide

By Jasmine Guillory

The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory


Reader’s Guide
The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory
Questions for Discussion

1. Would you be able to choose your career over a possible long-term relationship, much like Alexa did?

2. Was there a time when you were incredibly passionate about a project, whether at work or at home, and felt stymied about getting it through? What were you able to do to finish it?

3. Theo is Alexa’s work husband—he’s there for her, encourages her, and is all-around her closest confidante at work. How impor-tant is it to have a work bestie? Do you have one?

4. When was there a time you knew a relationship wasn’t going to work out, much like Drew’s situation? You weren’t in love with the other person, and you knew it was best to end the relationship. How difficult was it? Talk about your experience.

5. There are several instances of racism throughout the novel, both subtle and obvious. Have you observed racist behavior in your life, and if so, how were you affected by it? Did it cause you to act? Why or why not?

6. Drew doesn’t see himself as a “player,” even though many of his ex-girlfriends do. Do you think he is one, or does he just have a different understanding of what defines a “player”?

7. Communication is important in relationships. With all the dif-ferent ways of communicating that technology now offers, have you ever had a text or email exchange that was misinterpreted and that led to conflict?

8. Alexa has a lot of guilt about her past with her sister. Do you think she’s right or wrong to feel guilty about her past behavior?Have you done something that you still feel guilty about, even if the other people affected have forgiven you and moved on?

9. Alexa and Drew bond over a mutual love of food. How impor-tant a role does food play in your own relationships?
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