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The Splendor of Birds

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The Splendor of Birds by National Geographic
Oct 23, 2018 | ISBN 9781426219672
  • Hardcover $75.00

    Oct 23, 2018 | ISBN 9781426219672

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“At 10×12 inches, this could be called a coffee-table book. If left to the eyes of guests, however, it likely would become a serious distraction to whatever else the hosts had in mind. It is a beautiful piece of work, exactly what one would expect.” –Star Tribune (Wingnut blog)
“The majority of pages present large, beautiful photographs and illustrations from the National Geographic archives spanning the last 130 years, by skilled artists and photographers…This impressive offering is as much a work of art as it is a book on ornithology. This celebration of the beauty of birds and their importance to humankind and the world is highly recommended for lovers of birds, nature, and art.” –Library Journal
“There has always been a thing, a distinctive way of photographic illustration, called the “Geographic eye,” and it is well evident in this gorgeous book…It’s what the book calls “street photography of the wild side,” as opposed to mere bird eye candy…There is though, something distinctive and special about National Geographic photography that makes this volume a treasure.” –10.000birds

“The pictures were stunning and I learned a lot, despite being able to page through it pretty quickly. I’d highly recommend it as a gift for the birder or photographer in your life. I enjoyed this immensely.” –

“I think it’s safe to state that it would be most heartily welcomed indeed by most any bird watcher, regardless of their level of interest or expertise in the activity, for the images it presents require no previous understanding of the birds depicted; all that is required is the willingness to sit, peruse, and surrender oneself to a possibility of unbridled wonder.” – The Well-Read Naturalist
“The diversity of the photos of birds from around the world is amazing, moving from vintage black and white photos to the current day state-of-the-art camera shots. All the pictures are magnificent and some are stunning. Some of the photos are so incredible they seem unbelievable or even surrealistic. The sheer beauty of some of the photos may move you to tears, as they did me.” –She Treads Softly
“[A] visual feast of color, form, and behavior of the winged world chronicled as only National Geographic could do…as you turn each page, you’re going to take a 130 year journey through time, seeing how art and photography improved with each passing decade, until we arrived at the state-of-the-art high-speed and telephoto camera shots now used which capture sights unseen by the human eye…This is a book which spurs imaginations, ignites a passion for birdwatching and preservation, and may even serve as the catalyst that turns today’s youth into the scientists, explorers and photographers of tomorrow.” –Jathan & Heather
“To truly grasp it, you have to see the photos/artwork up close. The vibrant colors of some of the birds, like cobalt winged parakeets, ostriches, and hummingbirds, really pop on the page.”
–As I Turn the Pages
“This book is absolutely massive, and every page is filled with stunning photographs. You don’t have to be an ornithologist to appreciate this gorgeous volume.” –Instagram: @megabunnyreads

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