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The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives by Sandra Anne Taylor

The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives

Best Seller
The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives by Sandra Anne Taylor
Oct 01, 2011 | ISBN 9781401929022

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  • Oct 01, 2011 | ISBN 9781401929022

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“Through this book, Sandra gives us an understanding of why we’ve made certain choices in our life, based on our past lives. She shows us how we can break cycles and live the life that we want. This is a remarkably eye-opening book that will make you think about the journey you’re on.”
— Lisa Williams, the best-selling author of The Survival of the Soul

“Sandra Anne Taylor is a rare genius and one of the most remarkable women on the planet today. In The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives, she reminds you that the opposite of death is birth and that there’s no opposite to life. Rather, there’s a continuum from physical life to nonphysical life and back again. Through decades of strong focus and conscious living, Sandra has brought forth a deeply insightful body of work that offers meaning to so many unanswered questions. I enthusiastically endorse her teachings—there is much to learn here.”
— Dr. Darren R. Weissman, the best-selling author of Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind

The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives is a powerful tool for healing and success and a truly unique approach to the subject of reincarnation. Sandra Anne Taylor’s rare insights, techniques, and affirmations can free readers from old blocks and attachments and lift them to a wonderful new future that has long been buried in the past.”
— Colette Baron-Reid, the best-selling author of The Map
“If the soul evolves through many lifetimes, The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives is a great user’s manual for this stop on the journey. Not just a metaphysical treatise on reincarnation, the book is a practical and sophisticated guide for using an understanding of past lives to transform the deep coding that shapes your current life.”
— Donna Eden, the best-selling author of Energy Medicine

“Along the way, there’s content that advances your spiritual realization in one quantum burst. Sandra Anne Taylor’s new book, The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives, possesses exactly this content.
“I’ve studied philosophy and religion most of my life. During my adventure, I’ve looked into many paths and secret societies and even served at the highest of levels in ancient orders, all in my quest to become enlightened. Common to almost all of this work is the understanding generally referred to as reincarnation. Even the Christian tradition is full of references that can only be to past lives.
“With this background, I must admit that I’ve never read anything as clear and cogent as Sandra’s distilled teachings from her many years of research and collaboration on the subject. Deep within your subconscious mind exists infor-mation that propels you. Whether you think past lives are real or not, you’ll want to read this book for the power and insight gained from this perspective.”
— Eldon Taylor, the best-selling author of Choices and Illusions and Mind Programming
“Could the key to life’s mysteries be hidden in the plain sight of everyday living? Sandra Anne Taylor believes so, and in her new book The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives, she gives us good reasons to believe so as well.
“In a riveting journey of case histories and personal revelations, she demonstrates how everything from the healing of our bodies to the success of our relationships is often linked to experiences from the past. If her ideas are right, they catapult us light years beyond conventional explanations of the seemingly meaningless events in life. One thing is certain: there’s something missing in the traditional story of why things ‘are’ as they are, and only new thinking will reveal the missing link of our soul’s meaning and purpose.
“Whether you’re an artist or an engineer, this book is about you, your world, and every relationship that you’ll ever experience in life.”
— Gregg Braden, the best-selling author of The Divine Matrix and Fractal Time

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