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Jack Dana Series

Louis Begley
Killer, Come Hither by Louis Begley
Kill and Be Killed by Louis Begley
Killer's Choice by Louis Begley

Jack Dana Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Marine-turned-novelist Jack Dana is back in Louis Begley’s most intense, suspenseful, and deadly adventure yet.

With the death of his nemesis, corrupt business mogul Abner Brown, retired Marine infantry officer Jack Dana thought he could finally return to his peaceful career as a novelist. And after falling hard for Heidi Krohn, the glamorous high-powered lawyer who helped avenge his best friend’s death, Jack is beginning to dream of starting a family of his own.
    But dark forces intervene to upend Jack’s comfortable new life when two of his uncle Harry’s closest friends are brutally murdered in their own home. Quickly it becomes clear that these murders are a message, sent by a shadowy criminal Jack comes to call “the Monster.” His warning to Jack: a fate even more cruel awaits you. Indeed, despite the best-laid precautions, there seems to be no escape when Heidi and her nephew are kidnapped. With their lives in the balance, Jack must take the only step honor will allow and face the Monster alone, whatever the consequences.
     In Killer’s Choice, master stylist Louis Begley returns to Jack’s Upper East Side and Sag Harbor settings and concludes Jack’s chilling saga with his most powerful crescendo to date.
Book 2
Master stylist Louis Begley continues the story of Jack Dana, the Marine Corps officer turned novelist whose quest to avenge his murdered uncle now takes a new, more dangerous turn.
“Fans of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher should enjoy Jack Dana’s adventures.”—Publishers Weekly
Uncle Harry’s killer is dead. Jack finds refuge on Torcello, a small island in the Venetian lagoon, and resumes his writing career. He hopes to win back Kerry, the beautiful lawyer who, repelled by Jack’s violence, threw him over. But events beyond Jack’s control intervene: Kerry loses her life in circumstances that contradict everything Jack thinks he knew about her.
Soon death begins to stalk Jack himself, and in its drumbeat he recognizes the machinations of Abner Brown, the man who orchestrated Harry’s demise. Driven by cold rage, Jack fights back. At his side is Kerry’s best friend, the glamorous and enigmatic Heidi Krohn. Their quest will force Jack to plumb the abyss of depravity into which Kerry had sunk and face a fellow marine with a grudge of his own. Reprising memorable characters from Killer, Come Hither, and introducing sinister new ones, Begley concludes Jack’s harrowing vendetta with one last shocking twist.
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Book 1
A taut thriller that takes readers from the office suites of Manhattan to the tidy elegance of Sag Harbor and the rough-and-tumble western plains of Brazil.
“Fans of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher should enjoy Jack Dana’s adventures.”—Publishers Weekly
Jack Dana, a star student at Yale, joins the military after 9/11—only to have sniper fire cut short his career as a Marine Corps infantry officer. While recovering at Walter Reed Hospital, he begins to write a novel about his wartime experience. Jack’s uncle Harry, a surrogate father to him, as well as a partner at a leading New York law firm, helps Jack secure a publisher.
Jack is thrilled when his book becomes a huge success, but after a celebratory trip to South America, Jack returns home to shocking news: Uncle Harry is dead, found hanged in his summer home. Horrified and incredulous, Jack digs into the facts surrounding the tragedy and comes to believe that his uncle’s death was no suicide. Delays of law are not for Jack, so he takes matters into his own hands—embarking on a dangerous journey of justice and revenge.
Look for all of Louis Begley’s gripping Jack Dana thrillers:

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