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Blueprints for Wellness Series

Found in Inspiration & Motivation
Instant Relaxation by Sarah Brewer
Instant Yoga by Tara Fraser
Instant Tai Chi by Ronnie Robinson

Blueprints for Wellness Series : Titles in Order

Book 4
A practical, concise guide to relieving the stress of everyday life specially devised by one of the UK’s leading health writers.

We all need some tranquillity in our lives. Without any long explanations or complicated asides, in Instant Relaxation, Dr Sarah Brewer teaches us how to understand the manifestations and effects of stress on the body and mind. Drawn from traditions of both East and West, the step-by-step exercises (simple mantras gentle stretches, guided visualizations, breathing techniques, etc) show you how to put relaxation into practice simply and effectively for immediate stress relief, without making dramatic changes to your current lifestyle.

Punctuated by profound and evocative quotations, helping you to draw a sense of calm from some of the world’s key thinkers, both ancient and modern, this practical and inspiring book is filled with gems of relaxation wisdom that bring wellbeing and fulfillment within easy reach of us all.
Book 3
A practical introduction to the thousand-year-old practice of harnessing the power of chakras to achieve peak physical and emotional wellbeing, written by an expert in the field.

Healing through chakras is a system that has been recognized for thousands of years, Whether you want to enhance your wellbeing physically, mentally or spiritually, chakra therapy holds the key.
Part of a new series of short, sharp and sweet ‘Blueprints for Everyday Wellness’, Instant Chakra Healing explains the location and importance of the chakras, specifically how they can be used to attain health, harmony and happiness. You will discover how to work with these energy centres in order to optimize your inner energy flow, to cleanse, unblock and rebalance yourself. With yoga exercisers, visualizations and meditations for each chakra, this is the clear, inspirational guide to chakra healing.
Book 2
A practical introduction to the ancient Chinese system of Tai Chi, its history and philosophy, with step-by-step guidance on its core postures and sequences, breathing techniques and the popular Hand Form.

Tai Chi is an immensely effective exercise technique that has been used throughout the world for centuries to improve physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Whether you are looking to reduce stress, alleviate pain or simply optimize your general health and wellbeing, this ancient system of movements is for you.

Part of a new series of short, sharp and sweet ‘Blueprints for Everyday Wellness’, Instant Tai Chi provides the history and philosophy behind this ancient Chinese exercise, as well as its different styles and basic practices. It then guides you safely and easily, step by step, through the core Tai Chi postures and sequences, showing the benefits of each, and gives practical tips on how to bring the extraordinary benefits of Tai Chi into your life.
Book 1
A practical and inspirational book for anyone who wants to promote harmony and wellbeing in their life through yoga, guided safely and expertly by accomplished teacher Tara Fraser.

Specially selected step-by-step postures and movements, each with its own clear photo sequence, present the many benefits that yoga can bring – from increased flexibility to stress relief, enhancing mood to clearing the mind. These fully illustrated postures and movements are complemented by advice on meditation, diet and lifestyle – key concerns of Hatha Yoga.

Whatever your level of ability, Instant Yoga promises to help you to achieve a happy, healthy, holistic modern lifestyle.
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