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Applegate Sisters Series

Nicole Byrd
Seducing Sir Oliver by Nicole Byrd
A Lady Betrayed by Nicole Byrd
Enticing the Earl by Nicole Byrd

Applegate Sisters Series : Titles in Order

Book 4
Selfless widow Lauren Applegate Harris is determined to retrieve the deed to her beloved father-in-law’s estate, lost during one of his drunken gambling spells, even if it means offering herself as a courtesan to the Earl of Sutton, who seized the land. No one need know Lauren’s other motive: secretly, she’s always longed to dabble, just a little, in sin!
The handsome earl is frankly amused. Clearly this winsome and delicate lady has no experience at such wicked behavior. Yet drawn by her beauty and thinking to teach her a lesson, he agrees. But after a few weeks of pleasure, it’s the earl who finds he has the most to learn, as an outrageous proposal turns into a delightfully amorous tryst with possibilities no one could have predicted. But can love grow from such shocking—and duplicitous—beginnings?
Book 3
Seeking shelter from the rain, Adrian Carter, Viscount Weller, comes across a deserted gazebo—and an unconscious woman. The last thing he would ever want to do is besmirch such graceful beauty, but when a search party finds Miss Applegate in his arms, they assume quite the opposite.
Madeline Applegate always planned on a chaste life, staying home to care for her father. So a marriage proposal from a handsome stranger has her reeling. But, with her reputation ruined, has she any choice but to accept? Now the pair must weather a storm of secrets from Adrian’s past that could tear them apart forever.
Book 2
Miss Ophelia Applegate knows that ladies rarely become actresses without incurring social ruin—but surely there are exceptions?  Determined to tread the boards, she runs away from home, reluctantly accompanied by her more sensible twin, Cordelia.  Their introduction to London’s seamier side is abrupt: after Ophelia is denied an audition at the Malory Road Theatre, they spot a man trying to force his way into the upper story…just before they’re beset by ruffians.
Fortunately, a handsome stranger comes to their aid—none other than the would-be thief himself. Ransom Sheffield appears to be a gentleman, and claims he was only trying to retrieve an item that belongs to his family from the theater’s rapacious manager.  He has a proposal: if they help him gain access to the theater, he will help Ophelia realize her ambitions.  But there is a cynical gleam to his eye and a rakish grace to his manner that Cordelia mistrusts, even as she warms to his slightest touch.
Book 1
Whisked off to London by her newly revealed half brother, Miss Juliana Applegate is supposed to be looking for an eligible gentleman suitable for marriage. But when she arrives, an illness in her brother’s household forces her to stay instead with his friend Lady Sealey—and her handsome godson, Sir Oliver Ramsey. Sir Oliver has always felt clumsy and awkward around the fairer sex, but despite his gruffness Juliana senses a gentleness in the man who seems at first more of a fierce Viking than a shy zoologist.
Soon, she has ample opportunity to test her theory about Sir Oliver, as they are thrown together time and again—first by chance, and then to work toward a common goal. Someone is sending Lady Sealey mysterious vengeful letters that threaten an imminent doom. When the attacks begin, Juliana and Oliver are determined to protect her—even at cost to their own hearts and growing passion, as well as their very lives.

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