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A Season Novel Series

Marianne Ellis
As the seasons change from summer to fall, the members of an Amish community in Lancaster find joy and laughter, hope and healing . . . and love.
Autumn Grace by Marianne Ellis
Latest in the Series

Autumn Grace

Book 2
Paperback $7.99

A Season Novel Series : Titles in Order

Book 2
As summer turns to autumn one woman begins an unexpected journey of love, compassion, and discovery in the second Amish Seasons novel.

The oldest of seven daughters, Ruth Schrock has grown up believing that her uncompromising father has never really approved of her independent nature. Though devoted to her community and her faith, she’s always found it difficult to follow the straight and narrow path of a deacon’s daughter. When Ruth is asked to teach in a nearby community, she jumps at the opportunity—feeling that God has given her a chance at a life of meaning.

Ruth never could have guessed that her new path would lead to Levi Yoder. Handsome Levi is a shy and quiet man. He lives alone and seems most comfortable spending time with the injured animals he rescues and cares for. Ruth and her all-embracing love of life confuse yet captivate Levi. With her school across the road from his farm, the attraction grows—but so do the conflicts. Can these two opposites find a path they can walk together into the future?
Book 1
The first novel in the Amish Seasons series brings with it the heat of summer, the shadows of the past, and a chance for a woman to win the heart of the only man she’s ever loved—her husband.

The death of Jacob Lapp, a beloved member of the Amish community and the builder of the Stonyfield Farm Stand, is difficult for all. On the day of Jacob’s funeral, his beloved daughter Miriam must deal with her grief as well as mounting apprehension, knowing that she will soon see her sister Sarah who left the Amish community to live the Englisch life several years ago.

Sarah’s arrival forces Miriam to face the problems in her marriage. She has been unable to give her husband, Daniel, a child and fears he is not happy. Miriam has always suspected that Daniels’s heart truly lies with her sister, and she worries about the effect Sarah’s return will have on their already strained marriage. But when a disaster threatens the farm stand, everyone must come together, allowing new hope to grow not only for the community, but for Miriam as well….

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