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The Band Series

D. L. Garfinkle
The Band: Trading Guys by D. L. Garfinkle
The Band: Holding On by D. L. Garfinkle
The Band: Finding Love by D. L. Garfinkle

The Band Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
It’s summer break and Sweet Marguerite hits the road, touring all over the area. Audiences just can’t get enough of them. But something’s throwing them off course, and they’re starting to lose their rhythm.
Tracie is worried. She’s finally able to let go of Carter and be happy for him and Sienna. Keeping busy with the band helps, but will she ever find someone to love for herself?
Mark is confused. The band finally has a shot at the big time. So why is Lily acting so secretive and mysterious? Could she be cheating on him?
Sienna is thrilled. Carter is finally her boyfriend. But can she handle making the band and a new relationship work at the same time?
Tracie, Mark, and Sienna know that Sweet Marguerite has a real chance to make it and a tour could be their ticket. As long as their luck doesn’t run out—and their love lives don’t trip them up.
Book 2
Sometimes letting go is the only way to hold it together.

Rock band Amber Road is sizzling on stage. They’re playing regularly at the hottest clubs in San Diego . . . but jealousy and resentment are about to throw off their perfect harmony. 
Tracie will do whatever it takes to get her ex-boyfriend Carter back, even offer him the one thing she thinks he wants most.
Mark has gone too far. The only thing he loves more than the band is his girlfriend Lily, but an impulsive mistake might cost him everything.
Sienna is all mixed up. She promised to help Tracie hook up with Carter. But how could she know that she would fall in love with him herself?

Can the members of Amber Road achieve the fame they desire? Or will conflict and betrayal lead them to disaster?
Book 1
The friends in the band Sweet Marguerite always back each other up—onstage and off.  But just as the band is about to make it big, an impulsive game threatens to tear them apart.
Tracie can’t think straight. The sexiest guy she knows is flirting with her—and he’s hot enough to make her forget everything that matters—including her boyfriend.
Mark can’t believe his luck. He has a great band and a beautiful girlfriend. So why can’t he keep his mind off the exotic new lead singer, Lily? 
Sienna is psyched. She has worked hard for the band’s success and she loves her boyfriend Mark. Life would be perfect—if Lily would just go away. 
Tracie, Mark, and Sienna are partying at the beach with the rest of the band, celebrating their big break and dreaming of stardom . . . until the moment one simple question changes everything: Just for fun, why don’t we trade boyfriends and girlfriends?
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