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An Edwardian Mystery Series

Robin Paige
Death in Hyde Park by Robin Paige
Death at Blenheim Palace by Robin Paige
Death on the Lizard by Robin Paige

An Edwardian Mystery Series : Titles in Order

Book 12
Two apparently accidental deaths at the Marconi telegraph station. The drowning of a local girl. Two cases that involve Charles, Lord Sheridan, and his wife, Kate, in foreign espionage, malicious intrigue, and inexplicable messages sent out of the blue.
Book 11
Kate Sheridan is at Blenheim Palace to research King Henry’s mistress Rosamund, said to have been poisoned there by Eleanor of Aquitaine. But her visit takes a strange turn when her hosts unwittingly begin to relive the legend.
Book 10
Coronation Day, 1902. Charles and Kate Sheridan are pleased to be at the crowning of their king. But when an anarchist accidentally blows himself up with a bomb meant for their monarch, Charles and Kate turn up a number of intriguing–and disturbing–questions. For example, what is mysterious, beautiful Charlotte Conway–editor of the anarchist newspaper where the dead man was employed–doing in the arms of expatriate author Jack London?
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