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Beacon Street Girls Special Adventure Series

Annie Bryant
Sam and Remi Fargo, a husband-and-wife treasure-hunting team, travel to exotic locales around the globe to unravel ancient mysteries and unearth long-lost treasures, and find themselves in sticky situations at every turn…
Beacon Street Girls Special Adventure: Ready! Set! Hawaii! by Annie Bryant
Beacon Street Girls Special Adventure: Maeve on the Red Carpet by Annie Bryant
Beacon Street Girls Special Adventure: Freestyle With Avery by Annie Bryant

Beacon Street Girls Special Adventure Series : Titles in Order

Book 6
Bon Voyage! The BSG are off on a cruise to Hawaii. Volcanoes, horseback riding, snorkeling and surfing add up to a fantastic adventure, but it’s not all smooth sailing. Avery is blown out of the water by a HUGE family surprise, Mr. Ramsey gets sick, and Katani’s spending all of her time with a group of Kgirls. Plus, Charlotte and Isabel discover a secret stowaway on board. Here’s a hint: he talks a lot and loves pineapple! The BSG have always been a great team, and they need to stick together now more than ever to navigate all the waves in this high-seas drama.
Book 3
Hey, sports fans!

Avery here, comin’ at you live from Colorado, home of my dad-and the first-ever Telluride Snurfer Snowboarding Competition! With mascot dog Marty at my side, I’m totally psyched to compete. But this trip is getting CRAAAZY. As in Crazie Kazie, the all-star boarder who wants to win as much as I do. The only thing crazier is her cat, Farkle…aka Franken-cat!

I just might score some coaching tips from a certain celeb. And shout-out to my new friend, Jason-he loves animals, like me. You won’t believe the creature he’s keeping in his shed…it’s almost ready to be released into the wild.

Shred on,

Book 2
A famous Hollywood director comes to the Brookline Movie House to run a special New York Film Academy film camp, and Maeve couldn’t be more excited — especially when she finds out this director is bringing her dreamy actor son!

Maeve’s quest for the spotlight is interrupted by Madeline, the beautiful, talented, and ultra-rich daughter of the famous Krupcake King. She wants to star in the movie, too.

Will Maeve be the center of attention for both the dreamy actor son AND the film camp? Or will it be curtains for her dream of becoming a famous actress?
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