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Grime Solvers Mystery Series

Suzanne Price
Scene of The Grime by Suzanne Price
Dirty Deeds by Suzanne Price
Notoriously Neat by Suzanne Price

Grime Solvers Mystery Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Spring is just around the corner in Pigeon Cove, which means business should soon be picking up for professional cleaner Sky Taylor. Unfortunately, there are those in town with a different—and deadly—definition of spring cleaning…
Love is in the air for Sky and her potential new beau, the town’s police chief—until their first date is interrupted by a menagerie of household pets stampeding through the restaurant. Someone’s murdered Dr. Gail Pilsner, the Cove’s hugely popular veterinarian, releasing all the critters bordered at her clinic. And that someone just may be Orlando Rios, Pilsner’s lab tech.
Sky believes Orlando is innocent, and thinks her best friend, Chloe Edwards, has more insight about him, since she’s known Dr. Pilsner for years. But Chloe hasn’t been available lately, spending more and more time with her vocal group, the La Dee Das. And when one of the singers is murdered, Sky must uncover the link between the veterinarian and the songbirds before a killer finishes cleaning house.
Book 2
In the holiday season, Pigeon Cove bustles with big parties that create even bigger messes—and everyone wants cleaning wiz Sky Taylor to help with the aftermath. But when events turn from dirty to deadly, will she have the right solvent at her disposal?
Between her newspaper column and her cleaning clients, Sky is on her way to a stable, self-sufficient life. All she needs now is a contract to clean City Hall. What she doesn’t need is another messy murder investigation. What does she get? Both.
The body of Kyle Fipps, real estate developer and wannabe actor, is the untidiest remnant of the Art Association’s annual holiday bash. With his pack of scheming enemies, and a smattering of even less trustworthy friends, it’s very likely he was murdered. But when the investigation leads straight to City Hall, will Sky be the next one getting swept under the rug?
Book 1
Cleaning wiz Sky Taylor asserts that “messes are messes, and none are any good.” But after inadvertently scrubbing an entire crime scene clean—before anyone even knows there’s one to detect—it seems Sky’s just created a mess of her own.
In her mid-thirties and recently widowed, Sky Taylor left the big city to make cozy Pigeon Cove, a hamlet off the northern Massachusetts coast, her permanent home. Nestled among B&Bs and New England pals, Sky is adapting back to single life—with a popular newspaper column and her knack for creative cleaning increasingly in demand. 
Then she discovers Abel Monahan, a long-time patron of the Millwood Inn, permanently checked-out. Dead. And in a town of familiar faces, newcomers are sprouting like bad weeds. Now Sky’s juggling the police chief’s questions with questionable advances from the newest crime reporter in town. But she’s got her own scouring to do, uncovering dirty dealings before they leave a permanent ring on her squeaky clean town.

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