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Man of Honor Series

Gary Franklin
The Mother Lode by Gary Franklin
Blood at Bear Lake by Gary Franklin

Man of Honor Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
With his daughter safe in the care of the nuns at St. Mary of the Mountains Church, Joe Moss can track down his wife Fiona, on the run for a murder she couldn’t possibly have committed. But Joe must first evade capture from the powerful Peabody family, owners of the Comstock Lode who will stop at nothing to see him and his wife dead.  
Across the booming West, Joe learns that the Peabodys are the least of his worries. Inept lawmen, cowardly thieves, ruthless killers, and savage Indians dare to confront Joe on his quest—only to lose their scalps from his Bowie knife and tomahawk.
Book 2
Mountain man Joe Moss continues his quest to find the woman he loves and the child she bore him. In Carson City, he downs a record four bottles of whiskey, gets roaring drunk, and scalps two would-be robbers while they’re still alive. Luckily, an outcast Mormon woman Joe befriended aids his jailbreak before a lynch mob insists on his attendance at their necktie party.
Joe locates his beloved Fiona’s father, Brendan McCarthy—a man he hates more than anyone alive—who tells him Fiona has killed a prominent mine owner and has a bounty on her head. Like it or not, the rotgut-ravaged Brendan may be the only one who can help Joe find his family. And that will require Joe to do the hardest thing of all—remain on his best behavior.

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