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A Mommy-Track Mystery Series

Ayelet Waldman
Nursery Crimes by Ayelet Waldman
The Cradle Robbers by Ayelet Waldman
Bye-Bye, Black Sheep by Ayelet Waldman

A Mommy-Track Mystery Series : Titles in Order

Book 7
A new arrival in the bestselling mystery series.

Private Investigators Juliet Applebaum and Al Hockey finally have a steady stream of clients coming through their garage-turned-office. But they’ll realize it’s no child’s play tracking down the killer of a gorgeous transsexual’s sister.
Book 6
From the national bestselling author of Murder Plays House.
For private-eye-cum-supermom Juliet Applebaum, business is booming. But there are pros and cons to every assignment. And the con in her latest job is her client, an inmate at Dartmore Prison. She’s enlisted Juliet to locate the son she surrendered—as well as the foster parents who’ve disappeared with him. But this case takes a deadly detour when the desperate young mother is fatally stabbed—allegedly by another inmate.
Prison officials dismiss the murder as just one more fatality in lockdown. But Juliet has her doubts. Now she’s determined to make the woman’s last wish come true, even if it means tracking little Noah—and the killer—through the dark maze of a widespread conspiracy.
“A master of smart, snappy repartee.” —Kirkus Reviews
“[A] unique, highly likable sleuth.” —Judith Kelman
“A brassy, funny, quick-witted protagonist.”—Houston Chronicle
Book 5
Juliet Applebaum is a public defender turned stay-at-home mom—and a “highly likable sleuth” (Judith Kelman). Now in Murder Plays House, with a new arrival on the way, the Applebaum household is bursting at the seams. And Juliet is balancing clue-chasing and diaper-changing with a new task: house-hunting.
Juliet loves her kids. She loves their dirty little faces and skinned knees. She loves the ridiculous and amazing things they say. But when three-and-a-half year old Isaac evicts her husband and her from their own bed one night, love is the last thing on her mind. Juliet now recognizes the need for a few changes…starting with a bigger house. And when the new baby arrives, they’ll welcome the extra space.
But if there’s ever a bad time to search for a new house in L.A., it’s now. In a buyer-unfriendly real estate market, one practically has to kill to find an affordable home. No wonder Juliet is prepared to overlook a corpse on the grounds of her would-be dream house. To salve her conscience—and get her foot literally in the front door—she vows to find the killer of the homeowner’s sister. The investigation leads her from the madness of house-hunting into a world of washed-up actors and canceled TV shows, a world more depraved than she could ever have imagined.
“Smoothly paced and smartly told.”—The New York Times Book Review
“Think Chinatown, but with strollers and morning sickness.”—Long Island Press
Book 4
Between juggling lunchboxes, piano lessons, and baby-sitters, public defender turned stay-at-home mom Juliet Applebaum promises to help her famous friend clear her brother’s name of murder. But what will she do when she begins to suspect her friend may not be as innocent as she seems?
Book 3
From the national bestselling author of The Big Nap and Nursery Crimes.
In between planning playdates and playing dress up, Juliet finally gets some much-needed kid-free time, working out at the local health club. It’s going well. She’s losing weight. She’s even happy—until her personal trainer commits suicide.
A cheerful aspiring actor, Bobby Katz seemed to have it all—and Juliet can’t believe he died at his own hand. She suspects there’s a more sinister explanation—and that it may lie with his grieving fiancée, a recovering addict who just fell off the wagon. Or with his birth mother, a woman he recently started to look for. Always up for a task that will get her out of the house, Juliet keeps running down secrets—until, at last, she runs into the truth.
“Smoothly paced and smartly told.”—The New York Times Book Review
“Sparkling . . . swift and engaging.”—Publishers Weekly
“Juliet’s got charm, spunk, and . . . a reason to get out of the house.”—Kirkus Reviews
Book 2
Welcome back to the exasperating world of Juliet Applebaum, a public defender turned sleep-deprived stay-at-home mom—and “a unique, highly likable sleuth” (Judith Kelman).
When her infant son’s beautiful young Chasidic babysitter vanishes, Juliet can’t help wondering if the girl was fleeing something even scarier than her screaming, squalling charge. Like her upcoming arranged marriage, maybe? It’s certainly possible. Or perhaps something much more sinister has occurred. Why else would her family be so reluctant to call in the police?
To find out the truth, Juliet, with her over-tired kids in tow, will have to travel from her havoc-filled home in Los Angeles to a Chasidic encalve in Brooklyn. In search of answers. In pursuit of justice. And in desperate need of a big, long nap.
“Amusing but poignant…Waldman has given her heroine a compelling story befitting her intelligent, witty voice.”—Publishers Weekly
“Waldman is a master of smart, snappy repartee.”—Kirkus Reviews
Book 1
From the New York Times bestselling author of Bad Mother.
Juliet isn’t too surprised when her feisty, tantrum-throwing two-year-old daughter doesn’t get into Hollywood’s premier preschool—but she’s shocked and suspicious when the school’s principal is killed in a hit-and-run accident. Against the advice of her screenwriter husband, and with her rambunctious toddler in tow, Juliet heads to the local playground to dig up some dirt on a disgruntled studio executive whose daughter wasn’t offered a place in the school. But she has some surprising new suspects to consider when her investigation takes her into a seedy on-line newsgroup—and the most dangerous parts of the human heart.
“Smart sleuthing . . . the way [Juliet] maintains her sense of humor while juggling detective chores and baby duty is awesome.”—The New York Times
“Juliet Applebaum is smart, fearless, and completely candid about life as a full-time mom with a penchant for part-time detective work.”—Sue Grafton

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