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Pyschic Series

Rebecca York
Beyond Control by Rebecca York
Beyond Fearless by Rebecca York

Pyschic Series : Titles in Order

Book 2
USA Today bestselling author Rebecca York continues the gripping romantic saga begun in Beyond Control, as a woman with extraordinary powers finds herself pursued by those who would love her, possess her, or destroy her…

On the lush Caribbean island of Grand Fernandino, Anna Ridgeway is working her “magic.” Blessed with uncanny psychic abilities since she was a child, she now uses her gift in a mind-reading act at a nightclub. But since arriving on Grand Fernandino, she’s been plagued with a sense of impending danger. Her feelings are confirmed when evil forces coalesces around her and international treasure hunter Zachary Robinson.

At first, Anna fears Zach’s very presence. But when they touch, their physical and psychic bond astonishes them. They find they share a common past—and an uncommon passion for each other. But there is a sinister figure from long ago who will never allow their love to survive. A man who has been hunting them all their lives.
Book 1
The New York Times bestselling author of the Decorah Security series and dozens of other novels presents a gripping romantic thriller about two people whose intense attraction draws them deeper and deeper into each others’  minds—and dangerous secrets…
When journalist Jordan Walker asks Lindsay Fleming for help investigating the puzzling death of a local millionaire’s son, he tells himself it’s her Capitol Hill connections that he needs. But he can’t quite forget the singular, intense reaction he had when he touched her hand the first time they met, and Lindsay is still reeling from the vivid dream she had about him that same night. Their need to connect to each other—mentally and physically—is stronger than anything either has ever felt before.
As they delve deeper into a complicated web of military and scientific secrets, each new discovery brings more questions about their mysterious bond—and more danger. But they must join together to uncover the truth about the power that lies at the very heart of their relationship—and fight against the sinister forces who would destroy them…
“[Her] books…deliver what they promise: excitement, mystery, romance.”
—The Washington Post Book World

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