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Trade Pact Universe Series

Julie E. Czerneda
Julie E. Czerneda’s Trade Pact Universe includes the Trade Pact trilogy, the Strafication trilogy, and the Reunification trilogy, which tell the tale of alien Sira di Sarc and her intergalactic quest to return her people to their home.
Ties of Power by Julie E. Czerneda
To Trade the Stars by Julie E. Czerneda
A Thousand Words for Stranger (10th Anniversary Edition) by Julie E. Czerneda

Trade Pact Universe Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Julie E. Czerneda’s 1997 debut, A Thousand Words for Stranger, was the first novel of the Trade Pact Universe-an instant best-seller, Science Fiction Book Club Editor’s Choice and Locus Recommended First Novel. Book two, Ties of Power, further established the author’s reputation as a master of vivid alien worlds-and had fans clamoring for the third book in the trilogy.

Now comes the final chapter: To Trade the Stars. The stage is set for a possibly cataclysmic confrontation in non-space-and the Speaker for the Clan Council and her human mate are about to find themselves in the heart of the conflict….
Book 2
Sira, the most powerful member of the alien Clan, has dared to challenge the will of her people–by allying herself with a human. But can she hope to carve a new life for herself when the Clan is determined to reclaim her genetic heritage…at any cost?
Book 1
The tenth anniversary edition of Julie Czerneda’s debut science fiction novel, the story of a woman on the run, from the law, her own people, and an unknown pursuer. Her memory taken from her by a stasis block, Sira must stay free long enough to regain her identity and the full use of her telepathic powers-for failure may cost not only her own future but that of her entire race.

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