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Trailsman Series

Found in Western Fiction
Trailsman 195: Fort Ravage Conspiracy by Jon Sharpe
The Trailsman #397 by Jon Sharpe
The Trailsman #398 by Jon Sharpe

Trailsman Series : Titles in Order

Book 398
Is this the end of the Trailsman?

Skye Fargo comes across a massacred Army unit in the Arizona wild, and everyone immediately assumes it was the Apaches. But when he investigates, he finds something even more frightening—a savage pack of feminine felons out for blood and money. But he isn’t about to let any of these wild women get away—not without the Trailsman putting them flat on their backs….
Book 397
All aboard…for danger!

Skye Fargo is working his way up and down the Mississippi River looking to stop a band of deadly river rats from destroying a valuable riverboat line. But it won’t be easy—because the truth behind the attacks leads to a conspiracy with more twists and turns than the mighty Mississippi itself….
Book 396
Killing is for the living.

Skye Fargo has spent weeks with the U.S. Army Camel Corps, trying to create a supply train across the Mojave Desert. But after fighting Indians, bushwhackers, and nature itself, his deadliest foe appears: Pablo “the Scorpion” Alvarez. And that savage killer will let no one, not even the Trailsman, survive his fury.…
Book 395
All it takes is one shot…

When Skye Fargo receives a desperate request for help from his old friend Colonel Durant, he knows something must be very wrong. But when the Trailsman learns that the Lakota and Cheyenne nations are being stirred to bloody war against the whites, he must race against time—and a conniving, deadly foe—to stop a slaughter.
Book 394
Things are getting hot all over…

Fargo is guiding a squad of horse troopers to Flathead country to check on homesteaders, when he comes across a pack of vicious varmints up from Texas causing no end of terror for the settlers. And there’s only man who can take on the troublemakers: the Trailsman.
Book 393
Somebody’s going to burn…

In the Nevada desert town of Inferno, salt and water have become more valuable than gold. The citizens are just short of dying, and local strongman Crillian doesn’t care—he expects them to fork over big bucks for the essentials of life. But the Trailsman aims to make Crillian pay—with salt, water, and blood…
Book 392
One town’s as deadly as another…

Fargo can’t say no when the oddball citizens of the near-dead boomtown of Lodestone offer him a small fortune to guide them on a two-day trip to a new home over the mountains. But when there are two separate attempts to gun him down, the Trailsman realizes that somebody doesn’t want the people of Lodestone going anywhere—except six feet under.
Book 391
Death waits in the dark…

In the wilds of Arkansas swamp country, someone—or something—is on a killing spree. And the only things left behind are the victim’s heads. Fargo would rather just pass through and not get too involved. But there are some acts of savagery that cannot be ignored. And the Trailsman is about to face off against a killer unlike any he’s ever met….
Book 390
Fargo is headed straight to hell…

After Skye Fargo runs afoul of the law, he’s more than happy to be set free to work for a pair of pretty sisters trying to operate a wagon run in the Ozarks. But when the competition gets deadly, the Trailsman has to send a pack of savage killers straight into the ground….
Book 389
Fargo is on the trail of a treacherous teen…

After Skye Fargo is tossed in the pokey for brawling in the town of Horse Creek, the last thing he expects is the marshal to ask for his help. The notorious Cotton gang—led by a fifteen-year-old terror—has robbed the bank, and they have to be stopped. But the Trailsman doesn’t know that the young killer has a very special reason for riding wild—revenge. 
Book 388
Fargo is going to cross the line.

After an explosion on the U.S.–Mexico border almost blows him out of his boots, Skye Fargo goes up against a ruthless robber baron’s agent who is planting charges to change the course of the Rio Grande so he can grab valuable mining land on the Mexican side of the border. But any way the river runs, the Trailsman is riding straight into trouble.…
Book 387
Fargo has to help an old enemy.

Years ago, Skye Fargo barely survived a scrap with an Apache called Red Knife. Now Red Knife needs Fargo’s help to find the white men who raped and killed his daughter. The army wants Fargo to do it so the Apaches will be pacified. But Red Knife wants blood, not justice—and the Trailsman soon finds himself caught between his orders and his old foe’s rage….
Book 386
This time, Fargo is the hunted.

Skye Fargo may have bent the law from time to time, but when a self-appointed pack of Carson City vigilantes aims to stretch his neck for murder, he knows it’s time to light out of town. The only way to clear his name is to find the beautiful young woman who fled the crime scene. And if Fargo fails, the true culprit might put them both in the ground for good.  
Book 385
Fargo hunts down a high-priced hoofer.

Fargo is used to tracking down killers and thieves, but he’s never had quarry like this before. A rancher has just had his one-of-a-kind stud bull wander off into the mountains, and he’s offering a hefty sum to whoever gets it back. But the Trailsman isn’t the only hombre going after the horned bounty—and the disappearance may not have been as random as it seems….    
Book 384
It’s the last thing you want to hear.

When he’s paid five hundred dollars up front to help an ex–Mexican viceroy get to California, Skye Fargo knows that he’s in for a rough ride. As much as he appreciates the money—as well as his employer’s seductive daughter—he can’t enjoy either with a bullet in his back. And someone already has the Trailsman in his sights….

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